Fecal transplants might sound gross, but they are turning out to be the stuff of great things. The procedure has plenty to give, and after some successful rounds of experimenting, scientists now believe that obesity could be solved by transplanting thin people's feces.

The findings were from the scientists at Washington University School of Medicine, and they indicate that microbes play a big role in managing your body's weight. Four sets of twins - one obese and the other not gave doctors fecal samples. The scientists then transplanted the samples into mice bred to have no gut microbes of their own to see if thin people poop could give mice a healthy weight. Turns out, it could. And the obese twins fecal matter made mice gain weight.

One particular type of feces-dwelling bug was far more abundant in the slim women—a microbe called Bacteroides. That helped the mice stay thin.

The theory still has to be tested on human subjects, so its not confirmed it'll really work just yet. But what a way to lose weight right? Imagine slimming centers in the future? Lose weight the good shit way? [Science via The Guardian]