Sony's got as many things to show off at the IFA press conference as Samsung did. But under all that noise, they managed to slip this beauty in - a 65 inch 1080p curved LED flatscreen TV. The S990A is available for pre-order for just $4,000 (approx RM13,000).

The 16:9 aspect ratio introduced with HDTV was designed to fill a user's field of vision. The S990A takes the idea one step further with a more immersive feel when you're in the front or the center.

The S990A uses Sony's TRILUMIOS display technology, and controls the LED backlighting in order to make colors seem vibrant. The results are intense.

To allow the 65-inch set to still be mounted to walls, the back of S990A doesn't match the curve of its display up front. It remains flat and gets a few inches thick at the sides. Sony has found a way to promote that as a good thing, by using that extra space as resonance chambers for a set of four speakers on either side.