Yahoo unveiled its new logo after 30 days of all sorts of versions. Its loss the intense shade of purple, and has some kind of weird effect, also known as boring.

The three dimensional variant of a typeface called Optima is kind of a disappointment if you were waiting for something snazy.

Here's Yahoo's original logo in comparison:

When Marissa Mayer was at Google, she played a part in developing the kind of UX that put visual and conceptual clarity over branding. Take for example her touch on Google home page. It's clean. Just a logo and a bar and two buttons. It's been 15 years already with no change.

The new Yahoo logo tries to replicate that success. But can it?

Designed in-house by Yahoo, the design team chose to add depth to the mark. We're not so sure about the three dimensional effect though.

What do you think of it?