This is the Silent Eagle, and it may soon be the new face of South Korea's aerial fleet. The original F-15 Eagle entered service in 1976, and has become one of the most successful air combat platforms.

The twin-engine, all weather tactical fighter was designed for a single purpose: blowing other aircraft out of the sky. It's got more than 100 aerial combat victories and 0 (zero) losses in more than 30 years of service. It's been so successful that their service is expected to continue until at least 2025.

The newest model - the fifth-gen F-15SE Silent Eagle, builds on the line's success. It measures 64 feet long, 19 feet tall and has a 43 foot wingspan.. Its twin Pratt & Whitney F 100-PW-229 turbo engines produce 29,000 pounds of thrust and is able to achieve a top speed of mach 2.5 and has a combat radius of 800 nmi.

The Silent Eagle is coated with radar absorbing paint, and its stealth ability was designed in a way so that the plane disappears from radar when its headed right at you. Tthe Silent Eagle is optimized for electronic warfare against X-band radar form BAE systems and its own active-scan AESA radar.

The Republic of South Korea has announced that it is considering dropping 8.3 trillion won (US$7.2 billion) on 60 of these aircraft.[Defense Update - Wiki 1, 2 - AI Online - Air Force Technology]