With the exception of the iPhone, phones are definitely getting bigger for pockets. The answer to that? A mini Bluetooth phone that connects to your real phone. The HTC Mini+ is real.

We don't know how this justifies buying another phone to pick up another phone, but the Mini+ does at least look pleasant on the eyes. But if size was the matter in the first place, there's always the alternative of getting another phone.

You can use the Mini+ as a shutter release button and a real remote for your TV thanks to an in-built IR blaster. It's got a laser pointer and a PowerPoint clicker as well and it'll set you back $80 when it becomes available.

The Mini+ isn't the end of HTC's accessories. They've got the HTC Fetch, which is like a phone locator for your.... keychain. It's weirdly not cool sounding. Maybe better effort into creating a better smartphone would have been better than creating accessories?