Forget 16:9 aspect ratios already, because Panasonic has just come up with a way to capture the action in its entirety on a sports field. Their newly developed multi camera system can capture 720p at a 64:9 aspect ratio.

The camera has four 16:9 high def cameras that capture 160 degree panoramic view and all move in unison inside a computer controlled 88 pound rig. The cameras are aligned so the edges of what they are shooting meet. With the use of some custom software, it blends the transition between neighboring shots.

The camera can't be carried by a videographer, but they can be panned and tilted in unison to focus on a particular event. The system is being demoed at the Integrate 2013 electronics show in Sydney right now.

Will we be watching 64:9 aspect ratios from now on? [Panasonic via Gizmag]