We've been loading our printer with paper for the longest time. Is there an easier way to do this for lazy people like me when it runs out?

Stack, a project by Mugi Yamamoto, is a printer that thinks beyond the conventional paper tray. Instead of loading small stacks of paper into the machine, all you need to do is place Stack right on top of the mountain of paper.
“The main aim was to reduce the volume of the printer and create a more interesting interaction,” Yamamoto tells Co.Design. “[But] the endless paper tray is very useful because you don’t need to refill papers while printing large quantities.”
At the moment, Stack is a functioning prototype, and if only there was a video of it chomping down paper. Still, there are some questions. Will the printer tip over the paper tower? Or will it cause the tower to tip? How efficient is it at taking paper? And how fast can it print?

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