What if your air conditioner had predator vision? Mitsubishi will be releasing its new Z series Kirigamine air conditioners that will feature an infra-red camera that can detect and automatically target the warmest parts of your body.

Sounds pretty awesome. The venting system has precision controlled flaps that can produce 34.3 billion airflow patterns in a room. This ensures that cool air gets where it needs to be to make occupants comfortable.

When there's more than one person in a room, it will use its infra red camera to determine who's already comfortable and focus on cooling those who aren't.

It will also take into account someone's posture and whether they are standing, sitting or laying down to ensure that the chilled breezes don't hit them where they can be uncomfortable.

It sounds perfect, except with a price tag of $3,500 (approx RM10k) you might just be better off taking a cold shower to cool down. [Impress Watch via Tech-On!]