Shit in brains? Seriously that's a thing at UC Davis Medical Center. Two neurosurgeons have  purposely introduced their patents' brains to poop bacteria.

The incident wasn't actually malicious. Probably just poorly executed. The three patients in question all had end stage glioblastoma multiforme, which means "aggressive, fatal brain tumors."

According to documentation, the purposeful infection was supposed to "create a wound infection that would attack tumor cells." But it didn't and the patients died due to complications.

But it was putting the poop in brains that got the surgeons in trouble. It was for:
  • Getting permission from a supervisor but not explicitly from the people getting poop bacteria put in their brains
  • Failing to meet normal standards of pre and post-operative care
  • Failing to properly label the material
  • Failing to warn the hospital pharmacy that they were putting poop bacteria in people's brains
  • And undergoing a procedure that hasn't been cleared by the USDA
Shitty mistake?