Facebook has got your back when it comes to creating an ad. The company announced a deal with Shutterstock on Thursday to provide businesses with free access to millions of images for use in ads. They will be available in Facebook's ad creation tool.

"This is important especially for small businesses who may not have resources for sourcing quality images," Facebook noted in a blog post.

Businesses can use multiple images in different ads to see which works best and place their buys accordingly. According to Ben Pavlovic, founding partner of PR firm VineSprout, adding functionality like that will help small businesses.

"Before you had to take your own [photos] or find your own free service," he says. "I also think you have companies out there that wouldn't think twice about pulling a Google image." Pavlovic says photos are an integral element. "Just in terms of engagement, finding the right image can make or break your ad," he says.

Facebook also updated its Android and iOS Pages Manager apps. Users can now upload multiple images from their mobile phones and edit existing Page admins and add new Page admins to Pages they manage.

Image: Flickr, Orin Zebest