Kickstarter has funded a lot of great ideas already, and the latest is this: a full service bar. For geeks!

The idea comes from David Zoltan and Mathew Wolff and it's called Geek Bar Chicago and is a place where geeks, games and booze come together. It raised $9,750 within the first day.

Since then, Geek Bar has raised well over $30,000, and the creators are getting ambitious. If the campaign reaches its final goal of $70,000 by the time funding closes on August 22, Wolf and Zoltan will buy a life size replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones to feature in their bar.

Kickstarter has a ban on posting new businesses, so the founders came up with a different idea. The money to launch Geek Bar came from traditional investors who provided several thousand dollars to get the bar off the ground. The investor money only got them as far as "four walls, a bar and a kitchen", and now they want to build the rest of the bar with character and content.

“Kickstarter was always a part of our overall strategy,” Zoltan says. “The investors got us far enough so we can get into the space and at least have the bare bones of what we need. The Kickstarter is to geek the place out, to put up all the trappings and all the cool things that are going to make the geekdom of the geek bar."

The two have raised enough money to include custom built tables with outlets for laptops and extra room for board games.

Will it work? Will you go there?

Image: Geek Bar Chicago