As far as social networking currency goes, it's safe to say that almost everyone communicates with one or the other with a Facebook account. Almost that is.

And in a selfless bid to change the world or the get another billion users, Mark Zuckberg has announced a new intiative called, which includes Facebook and Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson. They want to make the Internet available to the entire world. is really a combination of little goals from a lot of companies rather than rocket launching Wi-Fi balloons in the air. For example,

Here's what Internet.og's goals are. Facebook wants to reduce the amount of data the Facebook app needs per day from 12mb to 1mb and Qualcomm is figuring out designs to extend battery life and building out better Wi-Fi networks. The idea here is that if we can do better then we can help more people. The Times reports:
The immediate goals of the new coalition are to cut the cost of providing mobile Internet services to 1 percent of its current level within five to 10 years by improving the efficiency of Internet networks and mobile phone software. The group also hopes to develop new business models that would allow phone companies to provide simple services like e-mail, search and social networks for little or no charge.
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