Solid digital accoutrements are hard to find in apps. A new Kickstarter project is seeking to raise $150,000 to fund Trace. It would give sports enthusiasts a new way to track and compare their tricks and stunts.

It's creators have a very impressive background. CEO Anatole Lokshin spent several years as Magellan's CTO when it developed some of the world's first consumer GPS devices. Lokshin and son David developed Trace together.

The Lokshins' company, AlpineReplay, developed Tracefor skiers and snowboarders. It has advanced analytics and a standalone gizmo that connects to your board and introduces functionality for skateboarders and surfers.

They've already got several prototypes, and now hope their Kickstarter campaign will be able to fund a scaled up production run.

It works with algorithms that accurately identify types of tricks, top speeds and how much air you get on a given jump. The info is relayed to your phone's companion app.

Check out the video, below, or visit Trace's Kickstarter page.