Groupon is veering from its main business. Now, publishers looking to make some extra cash can now work with Groupon directly to run ads for deals.

The discount site opened its Groupon Partner Network globally on Monday, and those interested can earn up to 12% on a consummated Groupon deal. 12% is an introductory deal, and in October that figure will drop to 10%. The program is now available in over 34 countries.

Publishers gain access to dozens of banner ads and widgets and Groupon will provide diagnostics to show how the ads will work on desktops and mobile and perform and specifics on commissions.

Sean Smyth, VP of global partner marketing and business development at Groupon, explained that blogs can run ads with relevant deals for eateries in a city.

"We've been doing marketing since the onset of Groupon," Smyth said. "Now you're dealing directly with Groupon instead of indirectly."