Last week, Sheryl Sandberg's popular Lean In organization got some flak. It wasn't paying it's interns. After all that buzz, the organization will start to pay its interns, according to a post on Facebook last week.'s post came two days after they took some heat from an employee who posted on Facebook seeking an unpaid editorial intern.

They have benefited from unpaid student help in the past but last week's post referred to them as volunteers and not interns. The message went on to address the controversial unpaid internship posting.

"As a startup, we haven’t had a formal internship program," wrote president Rachel Thomas. "Moving forward we plan to, and it will be paid."

Of course, is not the first to solicit help from unpaid interns or "volunteers" if you rather. Almost everyone does it.

In March, Sandberg told the Guardian "I want this to get better. I want women to get paid more. I want to teach them to negotiate so they get paid more." It looks like they have taken her advice for sure.