The transport industry has time and time again developed smart ways of transportation. If you aren’t a fan of driving, there’s an option for you. If you prefer walking or cycling, options are also available. 

One of the modes that have become better by the day is skateboarding. It requires boards with wheels on their bottom that you stand on for transport. Skateboards work with various mechanisms. With most, you must push your foot against the ground with the other one balanced on the board. 

However, innovation has brought about electric skateboards, which are more or less a balance between cycling and walking. These boards use batteries for power, and you won’t need to push your leg against the ground like regular skateboards. 

Electric Skateboards VS Regular Skateboards: Why The Former Is A Better Choice

Like any other innovation, you want to know what the latest one brings to the table. In this case, the question is; are electric skateboards better than regular skateboards? If this is your dilemma, this feature will help clear the air. 

The answer to this question is yes; electric boards are better. Here’s why:

They Require Less Effort When Using Them

The introduction has already established the need to push your feet against the ground with a regular skateboard. This process requires a lot of energy, especially when moving against the wind or climbing a hill. It’s also the case if you want to increase your speed. 

Suppose you need to stop. You have to think beforehand about how to do it. Otherwise, you might end up falling. You require skills and energy to brake your regular skateboard.

But with an electric skateboard, you don’t need any pushing. The board operates on a mortar and has a remote control that enables you to increase speed as you desire. The fastest electric longboards will take you uphill within a very short timeframe. You won’t drop a sweat. They have a remote too that controls the board’s braking system, making stopping easy. 

They Help You Save Time

Time is often of the essence as you move from one place to another. You don’t want to spend two or three hours on the road, yet it’s a small distance, and you have errands to run.

The time you’ll spend skateboarding when using a regular skateboard depends on your energy to kick-push it. If you’re tired, expect to spend more time traveling. This is also without forgetting you must make stops to rest. 

On the other hand, you can easily increase the speed of your electric skateboard with the click of a button. Time consumption depends on how high you set the speed. Yet as you do this, you must be wary of safety. Extremely high speed, especially on a busy route, can cause accidents.

In the long run, an electric skateboard saves time and is ideal for long-distance travel. With long-distance travel, ensure your skateboard has enough charge for the journey, factoring in the speed you wish to maintain. 

How To Buy An Electric Skateboard

With the pieces of information discussed above, it’s a no-brainer – electric skateboards are the way to go. But how do you buy an electric skateboard? Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

Consider Your Needs

There are many electric skateboards in supply; although they function similarly, their features differ. These features will make you enjoy or be grumpy during your skating. Your needs should help you find the ideal one for you. 

One need to consider is your desired travel speed. For faster traveling, choose an electric skateboard with a high wattage; select a low one for moderate speed. 

You also need to factor in weight. How much does the skateboard weigh? Based on your use of the board, you might need to carry it by hand as you head into school or a store. It shouldn’t weigh you down. Ensure you can easily carry it; try swaying it around and feel the impact on your hand muscles.

And regarding weight, check the skateboard's carrying capacity. Can it hold your current body weight? Its carrying capacity should be considerably more than your weight. The additional weight will cater to any luggage you might have when riding it or weight you might gain over time.

Find A Reputable And Reliable Vendor

The vendor from whom you source your electric skateboard matters. They more or less determine the durability of your body. 

Ensure you find an electric skateboard vendor with a good reputation. They should be known for selling genuine items and for transparency with their services. It’d help to seek referrals from friends and family with electric skateboards. 

Stick With Your Budget

You also want to consider costs. Your electric skateboard should be affordable and not expensive; neither should it be too cheap. Comparing prices across vendors can help you find an affordable one without compromising quality. 

Under costs, it’s an added advantage to find a vendor with a warranty. A warranty more or less proves the quality of the product. If it isn’t the case, the vendor will handle the repairs at no cost, at least for the warranty period.


Are electric skateboards better than regular ones? It’s a question the discussion above has addressed by giving some of the advantages of electric skateboards. The post has proceeded to guide you on purchasing your electric skateboard. With this insight, you’re better positioned to make informed decisions regarding electric skateboards.