Learning can be a tedious process, but it doesn't have to be. With the right tools and techniques, you can make learning fun and engage your learners. One such platform is Inquisiq, an eLearning platform that allows you to create engaging courses that are perfect for both beginner and advanced learners.

In this article, we'll provide you with tips on how to create engaging courses with Inquisiq, so that your students will love learning from you!

What is Inquisiq?

Acendre’s Inquisiq is a platform that helps you create engaging and interactive eLearning courses that are easy to follow and understand.

Thanks to Inquisiq, you can create custom modules that are tailor-made for your specific course content. This makes it easy for students to learn the material in an intuitive and organized way, without having to struggle with confusing or dry tutorials. Plus, the platform provides feedback and grading features so you can track their progress accurately.

Inquisiq also offers a variety of other features that make eLearning more effective and enjoyable for students. For example, it allows you to embed videos and images directly into your courses, which makes learning more visual.

Additionally, it lets you assign tasks and questions to students so they can deepen their understanding of the material. And finally, Inquisiq enables you to send notifications when a student completes a task or answers a question, so you can provide extra reinforcement as needed.

Tips To Create Engaging Courses with Inquisiq

1. Use Animated Graphics and Videos to Enhance Your Instruction

One of the best ways to make your courses more engaging is to use Acendre’s inbuilt animated graphics and videos. These elements can help learners understand concepts faster and keep them engaged while they are learning. You can also spice up your instruction by adding a bit of humor into your graphics, which will add an extra layer of fun for students.

2. Use Interactive Quizzes and Games to Help Students Master Learning Concepts

Interactive quizzes and games are another great way to keep students engaged during their learning process. By providing challenging questions that require students to use their knowledge, you can help them learn new material more quickly. Additionally, games are a great way to provide feedback to your students so that they can improve their skills.

3. Use Interactive Assignments and Projects to Encourage Students To Keep Learning

Encouraging your students to keep learning is essential if you want them to succeed in your courses. By providing interactive assignments and projects, you can help them apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. This will encourage them to continue studying for the sake of achievement rather than simply completing the task at hand.

4. Use Advanced Functions to  Offer Concise and Effective Explanations

With the help of Inquisiq, you can provide concise and effective explanations, you can help students understand the material they are learning. This will not only make the material more accessible, but it will also encourage them to continue studying on their own.

In addition, by answering questions that students have about the content, you can provide extra clarification for those who need it most.

Blog Conclusion

With the tips we have shared above, you can easily create engaging courses. If you are still not able to create an interesting and interactive course, then check out some of our amazing offerings that come with Inquisiq. With all these amazing features, it is sure that your learners will love your course enough to stay on it for hours!