Finding content that you love can be difficult, especially if you keep your searches restricted to the most popular, well-known streaming apps and services. To expand your streaming library to its limit, and find ways to stream that will forever change your outlook on what online entertainment can be, you need to look beyond the common online spaces that you’ve become used to. Thankfully, we’ve got just the list to get you started, as these are seven lesser-known streaming apps and services that need to be on your radar: 

1. Kodi

Kodi is by far the most revolutionary app on this list, despite its often lesser-known status. Kodi not only provides you with stellar content to stream, but gives you a single, convenient location to host all of your streaming apps, your digital media files, and much, much more. If you’ve been looking for a service that will make your streaming experience more streamlined, content-packed, and enjoyable than ever before, Kodi needs to be on the top of your entertainment radar

2. BroadwayHD

Broadway theater is exhilarating, unique, and magical. Unfortunately, people without massive budgets to blow through can rarely enjoy these culture-defining shows. BroadwayHD has become the go-to solution for people who find themselves unable to travel to Broadway just to see a show. The subscription is only $9 a month, making it the absolute cheapest way to get access to quality Broadway content (from across the years). For theater nerds who’ve been bummed about the lack of quality theater streaming choices in the marketplace, BroadwayHD will be life-changing. 

3. Kanopy 

Kanopy is a streaming service that you can unlock by having a library card. If you used to frequent your library, or still do, you likely know that it used to be an extremely efficient way of checking out new and old movies. Thankfully, Kanopy keeps this tradition alive from the comfort of your home. The massive catalog of films in Kanopy’s library makes the deal that much sweeter, so be sure to check out this lesser-known streaming app ASAP. 

4. Tubi

Sometimes you want a massive new selection of content, but you simply do not have the budget to swing a new subscription. For those in this frustrating situation, Tubi provides a valuable solution. For zero dollars, you get access to tens of thousands of shows and films from around the world (and from throughout the decades). If you decide you love the content on Tubi, you can even pay a small monthly fee to avoid the ads you have to watch with the free version of the app, so checking out Tubi is 100% worth your time. 

5. Warner Archive 

If you love movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Warner Archive is one of the best lesser-known streaming services that you simply must check out. More than eight hundred films from Warner Bros.’s archive, from the years 1930 to 1990, are available on this amazing service. If you want to relive the glory days of Warner Bros.’s TV shows from this era, the app has you covered in that area as well. Simply put, this is the classic-content-packed app you’ve been waiting for and allows you to enjoy the almost insurmountable catalog of content that Warner Bros. has been creating over the last one hundred years. 

6. Crunchyroll 

Anime has become one of the most beloved niche genres of entertainment around the world over the last few decades. If you want a streaming service that is all anime, all the time, Crunchyroll is the best option out there. Not only can you watch simulcasts of your favorite anime shows, but the catalog contains classic anime films and shows from across the last seven decades. If you truly want to be an anime superfan, you cannot afford to miss out on a Crunchyroll subscription. 

7. Mubi

Film lovers who enjoy foreign, arthouse, and classic films are not only relegated to the choices on The Criterion Channel. If you want to enjoy the wares of a real-life arthouse cinema from the comfort of your armchair, Mubi has created a service that will blow you away. By cycling thirty films at any given time, with a new film being added and removed every single day, Mubi has created an online movie theater experience where you can enjoy the latest hits in the arthouse and foreign film marketplaces. Mubi has also begun creating original content that is available at all times, so it’s an absolute must-buy for anyone who considers themself a cinephile. 

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

If you want to take a walk on the wild side of streaming, each of these seven lesser-known, but thrilling services has got you covered. From lesser-known films to services that can revolutionize the way you stream, these apps and services will make 2022 your favorite year of streaming yet. Thankfully, there are service options that will fit every type of personal budget as well.