Power BI is a platform that provides an organization to get crucial insights from business data, allowing it to be ready for the future. As businesses expand and evolve with time, companies invest in a business intelligence initiative to have a comprehensive analysis of data to make critical business decisions. 

With Power BI, companies can get their employees on the same page. Employers can gather insights, analyze, and compare data, create reports, and make business predictions based on trends. The platform features hundreds of data visualization options and customizable dashboards, making it easy to alter the visuals. But why use Power BI?

Why Should Businesses Use Power BI?
Microsoft Power Bi is the most popular BI tool on the market, and provides the users with real-time analytics. Businesses should use Power BI because-

Power BI Is Easy To Use
Regardless of your skillset, you can use Power BI easily. You don’t have to be an expert in analytics to use it. Power BI is designed in such a way that it is intuitive to Microsoft users. Thus, if you are familiar with Excel, you can easily use it.

Allows Powerful Data Processing
Power BI is capable of extracting an enormous amount of data from multiple sources. Thus, you can gather data from different business areas, no matter whether it is in Cloud, or other sources, like SharePoint, Azure SQL Server, etc. Once you have gathered data, you can transform that data for different uses.

One Can Find Compelling Visualizations
Power BI comes with hundreds of visualizations to choose from. You can choose any visuals based on your preference and improve your reports for presentations. By mixing the right visuals, one can justify decisions, make statements, or inspire actions. You can talk to professionals to know more about data visualization support.

Offers Actionable Insights
Power BI allows you to have well-organized, beautifully displayed data at your fingertips. This way, you can easily spot improvement opportunities, and optimize operations, employee performance, etc. You can also use Power BI machine learning capabilities to make important predictions for your business. 

How To Use Power BI For Business Growth?
Businesses across the globe are leveraging Power BI for solving problems. Below is how companies use Power BI to achieve new ambitions-

Manage Azure Database Better
Power BI is ideal for businesses that already use MS cloud solutions. One can use Azure Activity Log Analytics Power BI template to create Power BI desktop reports based on your previous data. This allows you to see patterns in use and determine outage, or server failure issues.

Merge Multiple Datasets Into One
With Power BI, you can create visualizations from different datasets of critical business data. Furthermore, you can merge these visualizations into one dashboard that anyone can read without any hassles. The best thing is, it provides you with customizable graphs or charts that can be used to present data from different sources.

Power BI Q&A Helps You Get Quick Answers To Your Questions
Having trouble obtaining insights from your BI setup? Don’t worry! You can leverage Power BI’s Q&A functions to allow users to ask an inquiry, and the system will respond to you with quick visualizations. These responses are based on titles of columns, fields, or tables. However, you need to keep data well-organized to get better insights and quicker responses.

One of the most important reasons to use MS Power BI is to empower a business to analyze data and keep the company efficient. With this in mind, you can pick a good Power BI solution, adapt the modern technology, and achieve your business goals.