When buying a new laptop for the first time, one of the many things you will need to consider is what type of keyboard you want. Most people are happy to leave the problem of buying a new keyboard to their laptop salesperson or tech support representative and wait for them to order one online. However, there are actually several different types of keyboards you can buy for your laptop, not including the ones that come bundled with your laptop. This article provides five things that need to be considered before buying a new laptop keyboard: 

Shaped or flat? 
If you use a flat keyboard more than a stretched one, you must make sure you don’t buy a slightly curved one, as it will add to the likelihood of nagging injuries. Shaped keyboards have a thinner profile and do not tend to get worn out or trap dust. However, you may still need to keep it out of the way of your lap, so always make sure you choose one of the curved styles with the best quality keyboard keys.  

Many people buy a larger keyboard because they have a heavier laptop and don’t want to be as concerned about breaking their laptop keyboard. However, don’t forget that you will also need to make sure you have extra space for the cord, which can add up to the keyboard's weight. Remember that the lighter the keyboard, the more readily it can be bent around bends. 

There is also another consideration you should make when buying a new keyboard: spacing. When it comes to Windows machines, users tend to use the standard US layout, with the number pad on the left and the Enter and Backspace keys on the right. The US layout only works if you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 because it requires you to press the Windows key and the minus key to access the numeric keypad. 

This is a significant difference to consider if you plan to use your laptop with a Windows machine. If you are upgrading from a Windows 8 to a Windows 10 machine, switch your current keyboard over to the QWERTY keyboard layout, or your new keyboard will not work. 

Some people find the new keyboards have too much travel, meaning they don’t register their keys as accurately as previous keyboards. If you tend to have a typing disability, try to think about which type of keyboard suits your style the best. Some are incredibly good for this task, so it’s worth having a look to see what is the right one for you. The samsung keys are the best for those who regularly use a specific type of keyboard or type on their laptops.  

When you buy a new keyboard for your laptop, make sure it is going to connect to your current port. This is the connection port on your laptop. It’s usually found at the rear of your laptop or underneath it. Older laptops often only had USB 2 ports, so you must buy a keyboard that has a USB 3 or USB Type C port. If you have a PC running Windows 7 or 8, it will support USB Type C. However, if your laptop is running a version of Windows from a later year, it will need to support USB 2. 

If you are a frequent traveler, try to look for a keyboard that comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a charger or cables.