Do you want to learn how to catch a cheater? Why not, when you suspect that your partner is cheating on you and this suspicion is giving you a sickening feeling that shakes the core of your being and is threatening to send you to a mental asylum.

You cannot handle the thought that the love of your life is in love with someone else. You have tried talking to them about your feelings but your conversation did not yield much.
Now all you want is to get to the bottom of the matter as soon as possible because ever since you began suspecting your significant other you haven't slept even for a millisecond. If this is you then we have a solution. With KidsGuard for Android, you will catch a cheater in no time. What's more, you can do it even if they carry out their little dirt a million miles from you.
How to Catch a Cheater?
Catching a cheater is not always that easy. People know how to cover their tracks. But this does not mean that you won't find out the truth if you look hard enough. The key to catching a cheating partner is tracking their mobile phones.
Using KidsGuard Pro for Android you can track everything your spouse does on their phone. This way you will know who they talk to, listen in to what they say, and even check all the media on their phone remotely. This will reveal to you if your partner is a cheater, who they cheat with, and even where they meet regularly.
Catch a Cheater with the Best App in 3 Steps
If you are wondering what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse then worry less because with KidsGuard Pro for Android you only need to carry out three simple steps and you will net the cheater. Here are the three steps:
Step 1. Register a KidsGuard Pro Account
At first, you need to sign up for a KidsGuard Pro account just with a valid email. The registration process is easy and should take you a few minutes. Then just choose a plan based on your needs.
Step 2. Install KidsGuard Pro for Android on Your Partner's Phone
After you have set up, visit the My Products and Orders Management page, download and install the product on your partner's phone for easy monitoring. Once done, set up by following the Setup Guide.
Do not worry about installing this product on your partner's phone as it works 100% in the background and no one will even notice it.
Step 3. Start Checking Your Partner's Phone Activities
Once install is done. Now to monitor what they are up to simply log into your KidsGuard Pro account. Everything is updated in real-time making it easy to monitor your spouse and confirm if indeed the individual is a cheater.
What Phone Activities Can You Check with KidsGuard Pro for Android?
KidsGuard Pro for Android lets you monitor everything your spouse does on their phone. Some of the important things to monitor if you want to catch a cheater include:
1) Monitor Social Media
Many illicit relationships are carried out on social media. If you want to catch a cheater you should make sure that you monitor their social media.
KidsGuard Pro for Android lets you log into your spouse's social media accounts such as Facebook and Snapchat and see what they post, read their chats, see their comments and check anything else on their account. This way you can find any incriminating evidence easily.
2) Read Text Messages
A cheater will resort to rest messaging when they want to communicate with the other guy or woman in your presence. In such a case you will want to keep an eye on their text messages.
Using KidsGuard Pro for Android you can remotely access and read text messages on your spouse's phone. You can even check and read the deleted messages.
3) Check Call Logs
If you suspect your spouse of cheating you will want to know who they are in touch with regularly. KidsGuard Pro for Android makes it possible to check the call log of the phone you are monitoring so that you know who the individual was in contact with, the duration of each call and the time the calls were made.
4) Record Phone Calls
In case you check the call log of the individual you are monitoring, a given number intrigues you and you want to know what your spouse and the person on the other side say to each other then KidsGuard Pro for Android has you covered.
This tool will help you record phone calls so that you can listen to them and know what the person you are tracking is up to.
5) View Browser History
You may also be interested in knowing what your spouse searches on the internet. If the individual is cheating, he/she could also be planning to leave you and may be searching for an apartment to rent. KidsGuard Pro for Android helps you check this browser history so that you can prepare for the inevitable.
6) Track Location
KidsGuard Pro for Android helps track your spouse's location at all times of the day. This feature is perfect especially if you want to catch your spouse in the act. With this feature, you will know where they are, where they have been and you can even set a Geofence so that you know when they visit a given location.
7) Capture Screenshot
When dealing with a cheating spouse you will want to collect as much evidence as possible because your spouse is bound to deny everything unless you show proof. Using this feature of KidsGuard Pro for Android will capture screenshots of their screen at certain times when they are engaging their other interest so that you present them as evidence.
8) Take Photos Secretly
Other than capturing screenshots you can also take secret photos using their phone as evidence. KidsGuard Pro for Android will help you remotely capture photos of your spouse without being detected. This can come in handy when you want to confront the individual about the affair.
What are the Signs of a Cheater?
If you are in a relationship many subtle signs will let you know if your partner is cheating. Some of these signs include:
1. They Have a Sudden and Random Change of Schedule
When someone is cheating on you the individual has to create time to see that someone else in their lives. This will push them to have random changes in their schedule with no proper explanation and may even get offended if you ask about the sudden changes.
2. They are Now Unreachable over Blocks of Time
If someone is cheating they will probably switch off their phones or leave the phone in the car when they go to meet their data. This is done to avoid distractions. If previously you could reach your partner at any time but you find that there are moments you now can't reach them then the individual is probably cheating.
3. A Sudden Decrease or Increase in Sex at Home
Someone cheating will either want to increase their lovemaking to cover their tracks. Some other time, the individual will lose interest in sex with you because they are getting it elsewhere. If you notice either of the two cases your partner could be cheating.
4. They Change Their Phone Habits
A cheating partner may begin to text more when with you, may change their passwords or may even start keeping their phone to themselves. If any of this happens then your partner is likely cheating on you.
5. Suddenly Begin to Pay More Attention to Personal Appearance
You notice your partner begin to go to the gym religiously without any explanation, change his/her closet and begin to use some new beauty products they never used before. All these could be a sign of a cheating partner.
6. They Begin to be Secretive
If your partner begins to talk less about their day, the projects they are working on or any area of their lives, then it could be they are cheating on you. This could be because they are now confiding in the other person more.
Suspecting that your partner is cheating on you can be difficult to confirm. This is because in most cases cheaters will do everything they can to cover their tracks and even those who get caught will deny everything. To catch a cheating spouse and collect enough evidence you need a powerful tool such as KidsGuard for Android. With this tool, you will monitor every move of the individual and even capture secret photos and import files as evidence.