CBSE Class 10 board preparation is very important for all the students. Students often have questions in their minds that how can they prepare with all the syllabus and also complete them. Some students do fear the subject. 

But if you think Mathematics is one of the easiest subjects and can be scored very easily with the simple methods following regularly and systematically.  The key to the success lies in a smart way of studying. If you are thinking that mugging up could help you to score marks then you are wrong. This is the subject where mugging up will not help you in any way. It will be a wastage of time. A proper strategy and plan will make you ace the exam.

The below are the simple tips to do well in Maths.

The first step is to know the syllabus and the marking scheme for the questions. Once you know the marking scheme it is easier to focus on that particular section. 

Preparation of the Time table.

Maths is a subject that consists of lots of conceptual problems. This can be understood by practising the problems regularly. It won’t be effective if you prepare the timetable and will not follow. You should regularly follow which further will make you more punctual, regular, disciplined, and systematic. Students should focus on the basics fundamentals. It is very important to have clarity of basic mathematics. 

Designate a place.

If you want to have full concentration it is better to have a place to study. Make sure it is away from any kind of distraction.

Learning Formulas

Learning formula is very important and most importantly you have to learn the deviation also. Try solving the maximum problem with formulas. This will give you practice and will be very thorough to use the formulas correctly.

Solving the sample papers.

Once you feel that you have completed the syllabus you can try solving the previous ear question paper and evaluate your preparation. You will get an idea about the exact pattern of the question paper, solving the paper will boost your confidence and help in your time management skills and speed accuracy.

Reference book.

The NCERT solutions from Vedantu is always been a helping hand in class 10board preparation. You can systematically avail of the chapter-wise solutions. For example, if you require the details of chapter 10 that is the quadratic equation you can click on RS Aggarwal Class 10 Chapter 10 Quadratic Equations and all the solutions are available very comprehensively.

Work with focus and dedication.

Whenever you are learning don’t make it too long duration. This will just make it boring. Instead of that reduce the study session and take breaks in between. This will give you motivation and help you stay focused. Just keep on studying it will not help you in any way. Study effectively and smartly. 

Revise Regularly.

As you progress with the new chapters you have to revise the previous ones also. Make sure to go through the formulas every day. You can also write all the formulas on a sheet and stick them on the wall where you can view them every time. When you keep seeing some things every day it automatically gets captured in your mind.

Avoid mistakes.

It is very common amongst the students they often lose marks for their silly mistakes like addition, subtraction, etc. This can be avoided only through practice. The more you practice you will avoid the mistakes. You can always practice listening to your favorite songs. This will help you to work out without any stress. So adopt methods where you will enjoy your studies. When you enjoy and learn you will do better.

Keep your mind calm and positive.

 Whenever you are working out or studying, it is very important to keep yourself calm and your thoughts positive. Anything which is done calmly will always work out. If you take the stress and do mistakes are bound to happen. So whenever you are practising just work out calmly so you can think better.

Know your strengths and weakness.

You should always know your strengths and weakness in the subject. When you know this it is easier to put efforts accordingly. The time-consuming topics keep it in the priority and make sure that you devote more time and learn. never procrastinate any learning to the last moment. This will not help you in any way and it will just create a mess.

Learning Tables

If you are thorough with the table you will automatically reduce the mistakes while solving the problem. If are not thorough with the table then start learning them every day. Once you start going through the tables every day you will get it within a few days. This will be always useful for any calculation.

Solving the problems in steps.

 It is very important to follow the steps while solving the problem. Every step is important. When you follow each step correctly then the answer will be accurate and its a rare chance to go wrong. Even the theorems or the formula derivation has to be in steps. This will be very helpful to revise during the exam. 

Neat work.

Whenever you are solving the problem make sure you do neat work. Make your calculation in the rough working neatly. These simple things are very important. If you want to go through and your notes are clumsy you cannot understand anything. So make sure it is neat 

General tips to remember 

1. Make a proper timetable and follow.
2. Focus on basic fundamentals.
3. Learn formulas and theorems thoroughly.
4. Solve the problems in steps.
5. Don’t skip on any topics.
6. Be calm and positive.
7. Practice as much as possible.
8. Clear the doubts immediately.
9. Don’t postpone anything.
10. Give priority to the topics which you find difficult.
11. Learn the tables.
12. Avoid silly mistakes.
13. Solve the previous years’ papers.

Following the tips will make your preparation very easy and also stress-free. But it will affect if done systematically.