CISA is the most widely recognized cyber qualification. Since the early 2000s, when cybersecurity and financial crises were on the rise, the demand for CISA-certified professionals has surged as well – and that popularity is only growing. Employers are even willing to pay six-figure wages to attract such expertise. Is the CISA the boost you've been looking for in your career? Now is the time to join a CISA course.

What is CISA Certification, and What Does it Entail?

ISACA awards the CISA credential to information systems audit professionals worldwide. An employee's knowledge and competence in recognizing significant issues and developing methods to maximize the value of information systems is solidified by earning the certification.

Are you interested in learning more about CISA salaries? If you're wondering how much money you could make as a qualified CISA, this is the post for you. The demand for people with technical talents grows as our society becomes more technologically savvy. Professionals that understand how to handle the security of today's rapidly developing tech data are included in this group.

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification monitors, controls, and protects its IT and business systems. This qualification is held by people who work in professions such as IT auditor, audit manager, consultant, and other security professionals. There is a greater demand for CISA specialists than ever before.

Later, I'll go through the many job titles a CISA can hold, but for now, let's look at all the income levels you can expect if you have a certification from a CISA course. For such an essential technical role, you may anticipate decent compensation. Let's put a figure on it.

Who Should Be Eligible for the CISA?

The CISA is useful for IT professionals who audit, monitor, manage, and review business systems. The certification is a better option for more experienced individuals, as completing the certification procedure requires five years of professional experience in information systems auditing, control, or security.

Auditor of Information Technology (IT)

IT auditors use technology to assist firms in protecting their internal controls and data. This position includes protecting sensitive data, finding network flaws, and planning to avoid technological security breaches. This position requires the CISA certification, analytical skills, and expertise working with various firewalls and IT systems.

Low-End Salary : Rs.33,42,487/-
Average Salary : Rs. 46,79,482/-
High-End Salary : Rs. 72,04,917/-
Information Security (IS) Auditor (Senior)

IS Auditors focus on a company's security system and provide reports on the system's efficiency and effectiveness. For information security specialists, certification is highly encouraged and occasionally necessary. In addition, certification can assist an IS auditor in gaining the management abilities needed to advance to the position of an information security manager.

Low-End Salary: Rs. 51,25,147/-
Average Salary: Rs. 63,13,587/-
High-End Salary: Rs. 86,16,190/-
Manager of Internal Audit

Internal audit supervisors evaluate annual auditing reports, assure compliance, and conduct risk assessments. Internal audit managers must have strong analytical capabilities, high ethics, clear communication skills, and the capacity to work autonomously. By quantifying an internal audit manager's IT talents, the CISA can enhance its audit skillset.

Low-End Salary: Rs. 51,99,425/-
Average Salary: Rs. 71,30,640/-
High-End Salary: Rs. 99,53,185/-
Manager of Information Technology (IT)

IT managers plan, coordinate, and lead computer-related tasks, such as computer system implementation. Telecommunications and other electronic support systems are also under the control of some IT administrators. Having a few years of experience working in IT operations, good problem-solving skills, and project management expertise are typically required for this position.

Low-End Salary : Rs. 53,47,980/-
Average Salary : Rs. 77,99,137/-
High-End Salary : Rs. 1,10,67,347/-
Director of Internal Audit

Internal audit directors often have roughly ten years of expertise and several years of management experience. Audit and accounting knowledge, as well as good communication skills, are required. The CISA can vouch for an internal audit director's knowledge of information systems and assist the director in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the auditing scope of the company.

Low-End Salary: Rs. 63,87,865/-
Average Salary: Rs. 92,10,410/-
High-End Salary : Rs.1,42,61,280/-

Is a Career as a CISA a Good Option?

The certification from the CISA course is an investment in your future career. Salaries for CISAs are determined by various criteria, including years of experience and the company's size that employs them. Several years of work experience are needed to obtain the CISA, but adding the CISA enhances earning potential. Although the CISA is not required for all information systems positions, it is highly recommended for the vast majority of them. Gaining the CISA can help you move faster in your career.

You know you'll have to pay a lot of money for the CISA exam and certification from the start. However, based on the salaries listed above, it appears that it might be worthwhile.

As a result, while the exam fees and study materials may cost up to Rs.118844/-, you will repay those costs in your first year of working as a certified CISA.

When considering certification courses like this, keep in mind that they are an investment in your future. As a result, it's also an investment in your future. Without passing the exam, you will not obtain a top-level position in this profession. CISA has even tighter requirements for the entire certification procedure, apart from the exam.

Experience Requirements for CISA Certification:

To become a CISA, you must have five years of experience in professional information systems auditing, control, or security. If candidates take courses, teach courses, or acquire bachelor's or master's degrees that incorporate relevant content, ISACA has many potential substitutes for up to two of those years. Candidates may take the CISA Exam before completing the minimum five years of work experience; however, certification is not given until they have completed the work experience requirement.


IT audit salaries vary widely depending on your position and your working organization. As your job entails greater control and responsibility, your pay rises dramatically.

Big organizations are also ready to recruit talent since their structures, businesses, and transactions are more complex. Would you be willing to work for a larger company in exchange for a higher salary? It is something you should consider in terms of your future career. Finally, get your CISA (or CIA) certification with a CISA course as soon as possible to benefit from the enormous income boost.