We are rapidly becoming accustomed to technology; however, the risk of cyber-attacks and other data breaches increases with technological advancement. Therefore, we cannot place the responsibility of keeping ourselves safe on the internet on authorities or other people. With children having access to the internet at a tender age, it is necessary to introduce cyber security lessons in school. It will help them take charge of their space on the internet.

Data breaches affect young people more since they are avid internet users but do not know what information not to share or measures to take to maintain their privacy. So, here are some reasons why cyber security needs to be included in the school curriculum. 

Cybercrimes Have a Severe Impact

We cannot downplay the severity of cyber attacks, especially on students. Cyberbullying increases cases of suicide attempts and self-harm. It also creates fear in individuals; they live in fear of being attacked due to their online sentiments. Besides, data breaches can be frustrating. For example, a private picture or information leakage can be devastating. Nobody is immune to cyber attacks hence the need for students to be enlightened about the potential risks when using the internet. 

Cybercrime will Still Exist Despite Measures to Contain It

We need to face the harsh reality that cybercrimes are here to stay. The perpetrators are only getting better at what they do. Students need to learn not to trust anyone with their information online. They need to be careful even when hiring online essay writers. Therefore, they need to arm themselves with enough knowledge to prevent attacks or get the lowdown on dealing with them if they happen. Thus educating students counteracts the actions of hackers. 

Cyber Security Lessons Can Be Engaging

Getting to know the details of how the digital world works is, without a doubt, intriguing. Students can learn how to apply their investigative and problem-solving skills to maintain cyber safety. Trying to read into the mind of a hacker then beating them in their own game is interesting and essential in this technology era. Therefore, such lessons can be incorporated with subjects like IT, or they can be taught as standalone units. 

The Internet Never Forgets 

Some countries have tried to implement laws such as “the right to be forgotten,” which requires any information, for example, on past incarcerations to be deleted from every platform on the internet. However, we all know how hard it is to implement such laws. 

With technologies like screenshots, people can have any information saved on their gadgets, which can be retrieved later. Hence, students need to learn that they can control their privacy online, and it starts by limiting what they post on socials. The student will be thinking twice before posting a picture or story. 

The World Is Becoming More Connected 

The internet space has transformed the world into a village; people are just an audio or a video call away despite the physical distance. You can get services from the best essay writers online or your favorite online shop with just a click.

The downside of this is that the internet is a shared space; hence people need to learn how to survive in this space where not everybody has good intentions. Therefore, it is essential to empower students to become tech-savvy to understand better how they can take charge of their online lives.

It is impossible to stop students from using the internet since it is a vital academic resource. It is used for research, accessing online classes, and learning vital things such as academic writing. Thus, institutions need to teach students how to live cautiously in this connected world and take charge o their privacy. 


Individuals can make a living out of cyber security as a career. There are lucrative jobs in cyberspace. Therefore, exposing students to cyber security courses may create a great pathway to a career they never thought of before.  

Wrapping Up 

Our lives are somehow intertwined with technology or the internet. Thus, good culture and behaviors around cyber security keep us safe from online predators. We may argue that we have nothing to lose; however, a breach such as data theft may have a lasting negative effect. 

Small mistakes like sharing a password with a friend may leave one open to a series of cyber-attacks and even impersonation. Therefore, students need to be aware of such shortcomings with technology and learn to be safe. Cyber security starts with education and awareness.