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What kind of web hosting do I need for my blog?
Why is good web hosting necessary for your blog?
What are the hosting options for my blogging website?
How to choose the hosting plan for my blog?

What Kind Of Web Hosting Do I Need For My Blog?

Blogging a website is the best way to reach out to the target audience by offering quality content. So, most people use WordPress to post their blogs because it is the simplest way to design a basic website. Also, WordPress hosting is a good option to purchase low price hosting ( However, it is not necessary to stick to this hosting option because you need to evaluate your requirements and then select your hosting plan. Blogging is a great way to market your products also. Generally, there are the following hosting options available to choose from for your online business or blog.

1. Shared server hosting
2. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting
3. Dedicated server hosting
4. Managed WordPress hosting
5. Cloud hosting

Why Is Good Web Hosting Necessary For Your Blog?

Your hosting is the foundation of your online business or website. So, you need to select a reliable and best web host who offers a better environment for your online presence. Because if your hosting goes down then your website's visitors will look elsewhere. So, it is worth spending on a good web host rather than looking for free hosting options. The web hosting offers you a domain name to make your content online available. In addition, a good web hosting company offers the following for your blogging website.

Security: The security of the website is very important so that hackers could not get their hands on your website’s data.
SSL certificates: This encrypts all essential data while any transaction. So, this is very mandatory for an online business that involves online payment.
Backup: Selecting the hosting service which backs up your data so that you can retrieve your data at any time is very useful.
Email: You will get a professional email address with the same domain as your URL to add on email on the website as well.
Uptime: Always choose the hosting plan which offers at least 99% uptime. Uptime is the measure of time your website will be available online.

What Are The Hosting Options For My Blogging Website?

It's quite confusing when you see hosting plans for your blogging website. So, it is very important to learn about all types of hosting options and then select the most suitable for you.

1. Shared web hosting: This hosting server is the most popular to purchase cheap hosting in India ( This comes in the basic plan which is quite affordable and suitable for newbies. This is cheaper because in the shared server your blog will be sharing resources with many other websites and blogs. It is very similar to renting a room with other people so the cost per person decreases. So, it is very practical and affordable to start your blogging website.
2. Virtual private server (VPS): It is more expensive than shared hosting and offers more access to the resources. In this hosting as well, you will be sharing servers with others but this number is much lower than in shared. This will increase your website’s loading speed and higher uptime.
3. Dedicated server hosting: In this hosting, the server is entirely for your website and you will be the only one using all resources. So, this hosting package is higher than others but it can handle traffic very efficiently. Also, the package differs as per your storage need, RAM, etc.
4. Managed WordPress hosting: This hosting option is exclusively for WordPress websites that expect decent traffic on their blogs. The perks of choosing this plan are, it handles the following for you.

You will get automatic WordPress updates to keep your website up-to-date.
If your plugin does not cooperate with a newer version of WordPress then it will notify you.
Optimized the server to make your site faster and more secure.
It provides a built-in CDN (content delivery network) to speed up your site if you have a lot of media and images.

5. Cloud hosting: In this type of hosting, your website will never depend on a single server. Your data will be stored across multiple servers around the world. This hosting option is best suitable for websites that expect too much traffic.

How To Choose The Hosting Plan For My Blog?

While choosing your blog hosting plan, you need to provide a strong visitor experience. Most blogging websites are built using WordPress to avoid complex technical needs and opt for WordPress hosting. Shared web hosting is also a great and cheapest way to start your blogging website. Also, it is always a smart thing to look for a web hosting plan that offers higher uptime. If you cannot handle the server dashboard by yourself then you can opt for managed hosting service. And if you can handle day-to-day maintenance, updates, etc all by yourself then you can go for unmanaged hosting.

1. Shared hosting: It is an affordable way to enter the blogging world and attract traffic with quality content. So, if you do not have large audience scope yet then you should go for shared hosting. It can easily handle 0 to 20k views per month on your website and will keep your cost down.
2. Virtual private server hosting: This is not suggested for the newbie bloggers because it costs higher. Also, when you start your blog then you do not know the amount of traffic you will receive. VPS is a better option for websites that can expect 10k to 100k visitors every month.
3. Dedicated hosting: We do not suggest investing in dedicated hosting unless you are expecting millions of visitors every month. You can go for this hosting plan if your blog is a part of a larger business or multiple content publications.
4. Cloud hosting: This hosting is perfect for blog owners that have experience and do not want to be bogged down due to technical issues.