Real estate has become a popular investment opportunity, with countless investment organizations taking the online route by creating websites to increase their reach for investors. Investing in these platforms means purchasing, owning, managing, renting, or selling real estate to make a profit.

It’s crucial to note some of the best real estate investment companies to deal with to avoid misguidance and uncalculated risk. They’re as follows:


HoldFolio is an online crowdfunding platform that allows investors to participate in income-generating real estate with a high yield. Founded by Jacob Blackett in 2014, Holdfolio is one of the few real estate crowdfunding platforms that allow non-accredited investors to participate.  

It might interest you to know that Holdfolio invests alongside its investors. Holdfolio invests between 4-10% in each deal. Some real estate investment organizations do not invest any of their capital alongside the investors. This practice might result in high-return agreements that are also high-risk. 

With this online platform, investors obtain a membership stake in a limited liability company (LLC) that owns a portfolio of single-family houses (or an apartment complex), with terms that vary depending on the investment. 

HoldFolio investors can access their dashboard on the company’s website to check performance updates and financial statements. While statistics are not updated in real-time, they are updated at least once every quarter. To many, Holdfolio tops the list of the best real estate investment companies.


Zillow is a prominent real estate company whose platform has made a popular name among top real estate investment organizations. Many investors consider obtaining a real estate license solely to access the multiple listing service (MLS). This real estate platform can save hundreds of dollars per year in fees that could be better spent on an investment property.


REIPro is a real estate platform for small, medium, and big enterprises and corporations. Using this platform, real estate investors can search for a wide range of assets, including vacant and bank-owned plots. With REIPro, you can find a buyer, partner, or possible investor for future deals.   

REIPRo provides an easy-to-use dashboard with already designed templates where investors looking to make offers or sign contracts can quickly fill up and sign.


With a low-cost, broad portfolio of quality offers, Fundrise has established a platform where everyone can become a real estate investor. This organization ranks high on the list of commercial real estate investment companies with various investment options.

At first glance, Fundrise's website may appear more congested and complicated than competitors' simple and uncluttered platforms, but there’s a plethora of information available for investors.

From beginner investment strategies to advanced methods, This real estate investment platform has various enlightening and exciting resources to keep you informed, making it an excellent option for property investment.


Roofstock is a real estate crowdfunding platform that operates a marketplace for investors looking to buy and sell single-family rental properties. It is worth knowing that a significant number of these properties are already leased out to tenants.

This platform operates a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate. Once registered, you'll be able to see new, appealing investment properties and make transactions easily.


Crowdstreet is an investment company whose services are enjoyed by accredited investors only. As a property investment company, this platform creates avenues for investors to connect with individual commercial real estate opportunities. These opportunities allow investors to review, compare, and personally choose the deals that meet their investment criteria.

The company's website is quite sophisticated but well optimized and easy for users to navigate through the drop-down menus containing information about Crowdstreet's investment options. 

How to Invest in Real Estate

You’ll want to ensure that you undertake real estate investment ventures with reputable firms with a track record of reliability and competence. The following are viable means of investing in real estate. 

Investing in Rental Properties

Rental property owners become landlords and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Having tenants means that your property is sure to generate income. It is advisable to note that this approach requires a significant amount of capital to cover up-front maintenance costs and vacant months. 

Also, if the income generated from rental payments is not substantial enough to cover insurance, maintenance, mortgage, and taxes, then this particular property has become a liability.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

This strategy allows companies to generate capital from a group of individuals. This strategy is possible by using online platforms to create a market between real estate developers and investors.

Some platforms that make up this list of the best real estate investment websites clearly distinguish between accredited and non-accredited investors by reserving investments only for accredited individuals looking to invest in real estate opportunities.

Although convenient, having a private real estate Crowdfunding investment means your funds cannot be quickly sold like other publicly traded securities. 

Residential Redevelopment

This strategy involves purchasing property, not for use but to sell and profit from such a sale. This practice is also called house flipping.

The aim here is to buy a property at a low price and sell at a high price. In situations where the properties need renovation before the sale, the market price goes even higher.

This strategy, like every other, has its drawbacks; sometimes, the total of the renovation and purchase costs exceeds the value of the property after the renovations are done.

In general, the focus should be on speed. Aiming for maximum profit is likely to result in a delayed sale of the asset. This delay costs you more money from mortgage, taxes, utility, and other costs attached to being a landlord. 


Real estate is undoubtedly a profitable investment scheme that can benefit anyone as long as a working strategy is implemented. 

Investing with a real estate investment company is one way of delving into real estate. This course of action requires that you note some of the best real estate investment companies and their websites. With this information, you should have in mind a particular real estate company you want to patronize.

Investing in rental properties is another effective strategy  The primary requirement for this plan is to have enough capital to purchase an asset to be leased.

House flipping also is very profitable and relies on a speedy course of action for the investment to gain returns.