Every company has room to grow and create a space for itself in the market. But, unfortunately, many businesses aren't sure where to advertise themselves, or even that there are more options than advertisements on the sides of websites or before videos on platforms like YouTube.

These are the top ways paid media can help your business grow and why it's an awesome thing to seek out for any company.

Place Your Products In Front of New Audiences

There are countless customers out there that may never know of your product without paid media.  The key to growing your business is to seek out niches that you may not have considered for your company before. 

For instance, a company that sells distraction-blocking software for computers may advertise mostly towards students and those who work from home: but should also advertise towards parents who can use it as parental controls for their students.  

Promotes Brand Recognition

If your brand is easily recognizable simply by the name or logo, you're set for life.  The most important thing you can do through advertising is encourage future customers build a relationship with your brand.

Give them the chance to connect with your business so that the next time they need a product like yours, your company will be the first that comes into their mind.  This can be a lot of work, but steady advertising that’s not too intrusive can make it happen.

You Can Find Ways to Advertise At Any Budget

Advertising budgets used to be something that only mid-sized to larger companies could afford.  Fortunately, with how available most advertising has become: it's not as limited.  You can advertise on applications like Instagram with as small a budget as five to ten dollars.  

Of course, a larger budget will allow you to advertise for longer and reach more people, but there's no minimum, which frees you to try many different advertising platforms and ways of reaching customers.

Gain More Access to Mobile Users

Many advertisements don't show up on mobile websites or apps because of the sites' layout for mobile.  Unfortunately, limiting yourself to only desktop-based consumers means you're missing out on the quarter of people who don’t own a computer or laptop of any kind.  This is a large chunk to miss out on: but paid media can help.  

Although pay-per-click is a form of paid media, so is advertising through guest posting on blogs and advertising on podcasts.  Many of these are still able to reach through to mobile users who would have missed out on your company otherwise.

Reach Beyond Ad Blockers

Nearly a third of internet users in the United States use an ad blocker while they’re online.  This means that you could be losing out on a third of possible leads and customers that interact on the websites where you want to advertise.

Advertising in media, like paying a Youtuber to do an ad read for your company, ensures that it reaches past ad blockers and still arrives in front of these potential customers.