With the increasing number of apps that require paid purchases or monthly subscriptions in order for their users to experience all the features that their app has to offer, we can’t help but ask ourselves if there are still apps on the Apple App Store that are available to download for free. 

With that, there are a lot of people who think that ‘paid’ means that they are the better ones. What if we tell you that there are free apps on the app store that won’t require you to pay a single amount of money but can give you as much fun and purpose as those that will ask you for a payment before you can download them? Yes, they definitely exist and we’re here to give you 5 iOS apps that are free but are guaranteed to be fun and useful!

Before that, here are some considerations you have to take note of before downloading ANYTHING from the Internet: 

Read from people who have tried the app

How do you know if an app is safe? It’s easy to fall victim to today's world of online privacy. Make sure that the information apps are getting from their users can be trusted by reading reviews and looking into what people say about them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

It’s important to read reviews before downloading apps, and one way you can do that is by looking at people who have tried the app themselves. The developers probably don't want their negative side shown since this would reflect poorly on them. So if a review claims an app has been trolling users or asking for sensitive information like passwords; take notice of these warnings as they could save your identity from being compromised in some manner.

Check its permission access
Along with reading user reviews, it is important to check which information accesses a specific app will have. Recently updated software now has the feature where you’ll know what parts of your phone are being accessed by an individual or company and if these permissions were granted in advance without having any knowledge as well-meaning users who might want their personal data collected for marketing purposes.

Now that you’ve taken note of these basic considerations. We’ll be giving you our top 5 iOS apps that you can download right away for free!

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is the perfect app if you own a lot of email accounts and need to stay on top of all your tasks. With this mobile email client, it's easy to move from one account sitting in front or within Microsoft Office 365 to another without missing any important information. There are also features specifically created with iPhone users in mind - such as an integrated calendar that attaches directly onto smartphones running iOS 15 or older.

Snapchat is more than just a messaging app; it's an interactive experience. With the ability to add drawings on top of your photos or Snapchat them in reverse, you can create fun memories that will never fade away. It is the perfect app to send someone a funny message. The content of your messages will be deleted after they have been viewed, so this allows for some ephemeral fun with friends.

How could learning a new language help other people all over the world? It's an interesting idea, but one that may be playing out is Duolingo - where you can use this free app to learn languages with lessons and exercises. The best free language-learning app for iPhone is easily Duolingo. The newest update to these programs makes your next lessons available offline so you can continue learning even when not connected to the Internet anymore!

Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks is easily one of the prank calling apps available to download. The greatness of this app isn’t just because of the fact that it is for free, but this app also uses a very advanced AI technology that uses speech recognition to make it seem like your prank victim is talking to a live person. We won’t spare you any of the other fun details, so we suggest that you go ahead and download it right now.

Crunchyroll is the next generation of anime streaming. It offers tens of thousands episodes and multiple features that fans crave, such as social interaction with other members from around the world or having an ad-free viewing experience in their own home without sacrificing any quality because Crunchyroll does not use geo blocks like most competitors do.

And that was it for our top iOS apps available to download for free. Remember to always take note of the considerations we’ve given you whenever you want to download anything from the Internet. It’s always best to keep yourself safe than end up regretting something you’ve done that could cost you your privacy in the long run.

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