Is your business online? Whether it is a small or large business, not having an online presence will cause you to lose potential customers. With more and more people using the Internet for most activities such as shopping, paying bills, booking tickets, banking, studying, and finding information, it is essential that businesses should have a website. 

The Internet users can reach your website if it has a perfect domain name. For acquiring a domain, you need to register, which costs you for using the name for a certain period of time. In India, the .in domain price is offered depending on the package you choose. 

What is the cost of a domain name?
It is pretty clear that a domain name comes for a high price if it is the most preferred one. If your business is a startup and you want to launch a website, you can go for a domain that costs less. If you want to register a new domain name or buy one that has already been taken by someone, it will cost between Rs 300 and Rs 2000 for a year. Nevertheless, the .in domain price of the preregistered one will be higher and vary based on its popularity.

The price of a domain depends on the domain type and registrar you buy it. A registrar is an ICANN-accredited company that registers domain names. ICANN is an acronym for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is entrusted with the task of managing domain names. Registrars offer different package deals for new registration, renewals and transfer. You can choose to register for one, two or five years. Therefore, it is worth the time shopping for the most suitable package that fits your business. 

When it comes to choosing trustworthy domains like top-level domains (TLDs), they are high priced, but again they vary depending on the registrar. 

Where to buy a domain?
You can find innumerable domain registrars, but not all can be worth your consideration. They provide different services, along with the domain registration. Some aspects to consider when selecting the domain name registrar are:

1. Prices and period of registration
The domain name prices vary with different registrars. You may find some of them offering low prices upfront for one year and charge a higher renewal price later. You can choose to register a domain for a minimum one year and a maximum of 5 or 10 years. In case you are going for a new website address, you can choose domain name registration for one year and go for auto-renewal option, which may come with the signup package and does not attract any additional fee.

2. Review the domain transfer policy
You are allowed to transfer your domain from one registrar to another if you are not happy with the present one. However, you cannot move to another registrar during the initial 60 days of your registration, for ICANN does not allow it. Most registrars do not charge any additional fee for the transfer of a domain. It is advisable to go through the domain transfer policy before registration.

3. Know the domain expiration policy
You are required to renew your website name registration before the expiry date. If you fail to do it, someone may take your domain name. With auto-renewal of registration, you can avoid it. When choosing a reliable registrar, it is better to check their domain expiration policy, for some registrars offer a grace period to help you renew it easily.

4. Add-on services
Look for registrars that offer other services such as domain privacy, backorder domains, web hosting, site protection, email hosting and WordPress hosting, which you may need.

In short, the .in domain price for a domain depends on what your business needs.