YouTube has been one of the most successful platforms and a social media application since its foundation. It has turned out to be a great help for many of its users and the content creators hiding their talents inside. The platform helped them showcase their creativity and earn appreciation, fame and rewards from the general public as well as from YouTube itself. If we say that YouTube is entirely flawless and all its users have no complaints about the application, it would surely be a false claim.

YouTube has a lot of annoying drawbacks that its users have to bear on a daily basis. To say a few, YouTube cannot let you play videos or songs or any podcast in the background, and you have to stay at the screen constantly. Also, the Ads which are not skippable turn out to be quite annoying at times. Now, if we say that you don't have to worry about all those problems because at, you are free of all those infuriating troubles! How would that sound? is basically a YouTube content downloader where you can access all of YouTube's content without facing any difficulty. Not just that, but also you can share, edit and, of course, play your favourite content in the background.

YouTube's management has tried to accommodate all of its users' demands, including the termination of the ads. They have launched a platform known as the YouTube premium where people can experience the features that standard YouTube does not carry. However, it all comes at a price because providing a smooth and flawless experience requires a cost. Wrong! Pure Tuber launched by itself, is a fantastic alternative to YouTube premium. You can have all that butter like experience without any cost. The most important thing about this platform is that you really don't have to worry about your phone's or computer's security as this app does not harm your essentials at all.

In today's busy world, most of us do not have a lot of time. We have to manage everything efficiently. In this busy time, if there are facilities that provide ease in your daily life, you may remain forever thankful for those facilities. For example, it is not always possible for students to have access to the internet and YouTube. This is where comes in. Let us assume a student who has an exam in 10 minutes. Now, this student has to revise a fundamental concept available on YouTube. He does not have time to connect to the internet and then search for the video and then watch all the ads and eventually watch the video. Imagine if this student had would have been a lot easier for this student to clear the concepts in time.

Pure Tuber is just one click away for all its users, which turn out to be a great help. It allows you to sign in with your original YouTube account and sync your history and data with just one click. This way, you don't have to worry about your liked videos or your watch history. It will all be there for you in the same order for easy access. All in all, is an amazing facility and a solution for all the problems you once had about streaming YouTube flawlessly.