Unity is the most popular game engine that powers most of today's games across multiple platforms. Using the engine, it is possible to create games, both desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and mobile, including all popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). The engine is also suitable for creating games for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo consoles.

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Why Unity?
How to Create Games in Unity?
What is Diversification of Developer Rates in Western Europe, USA and Eastern Europe?

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At the moment, more than 50% of all mobile game development companies in the USA are programmed on Unity. In 2021, a global video game development report stated that Unity's share was 59%. Initially, Unity was intended for the development of desktop games, and only later an update appeared, porting the game to mobile devices. In 2008, Unity became adaptive for iOS, and since 2010 they have been working with the Android platform. Recent years have brought many updates, including the ability to create games for the xBox and PlayStation consoles.

At the moment, Unity is a full-fledged game engine that supports a wide range of development technologies and guarantees the game's relevance in the gaming market.

Flexibility and Adaptability of Mobile Development

Most large companies prefer development on Unity because of the huge list of platforms compatible with the engine. The finished application can actually be launched on any available operating system, popular mobile platforms and SmartTV. What can we say, even many browser games and applications for specific platforms (like  ) are predominantly developed on Unity.

The functionality of the platform does not mean at all that development does not require specific knowledge and skills. If you need to write specific algorithms based on low-level code, for the same Android you need to have a thorough knowledge of Java. Only after finishing work with Java code will it have to be linked with Unity.

How to Create Games in Unity?

Unity's developer’s architecture is based on a component-oriented concept. If we take a closer look at gaming products, then any game consists of a mass of objects diluted or connected with additional components. For example, during the creation of a standard 2D platformer, we create a GameObject, to it we additionally attach a graphic component that is responsible for displaying the character, and a control component that provides control of the character using a mouse, keyboard, joystick or touchscreen. By the way, the engine does not impose restrictions on the number of such modules. We can add as many components to the GameObject as needed. All work on the engine is based on the very creation of the GameObject and the application of relevant components to them.

Diversification of Developer Rates in Western Europe, USA and Eastern Europe

Developer rates on Unity can vary significantly depending on the availability of additional skills, portfolio and experience of working with different projects. Consider the main geographic areas:

USA. Here Unity's competitiveness is the hottest — due to the saturation of the labor market, only highly professional developers are in the top. Hourly wages for top talent can start at $ 100 per hour and hit the ceiling of $ 300-500 per hour;
Western Europe. Equally developed market, equally high prices. The minimum tariff for a good developer on Unity will cost $ 50. At the same time, an experienced specialist can charge you $ 200 per hour, with the proper package of additional skills and many years of work experience;
Eastern work — tariffing here is more liberal. The market is not so saturated, the competition is lower, so the price range is higher. However, finding an experienced developer for $ 50 is not a problem. More experienced programmers will cost $ 100 an hour or more.

RexSoft Mobile Development in Unity

For today, one of the most balanced and optimal decisions will be the development of mobile games with the involvement of outsourcing specialists from the Ukrainian company RexSoft. Thanks to many years of experience working with leading projects and technologies, the company's specialists guarantee a unique and high-quality result.

Thanks to the optimal billing of work — $ 28-30 per hour per specialist, in comparison with the $50 minimum rate when working with other development companies, the ideological masterminds of the game will be able to create a budget game in the shortest possible time. We at RexSoft also include PM’s work in our specialists’ rates so our clients don’t have to bother with control.

The developers have in their portfolio several dozen completed projects, each of which is a real work of art. Due to the presence of all the skills necessary for th e developer, each specialist of the company is a guarantee of the quality of the final product.

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