Traffic is key to success on eCommerce platforms. One cannot just sell without managing the adequate level of traffic for one’s Amazon store. The traffic depends on the BSR and the price of the product. The best sellers’ rank is however awarded only when a product is best-selling. 

Amazon will generally consider the price, features, and rank of the product while showing a specific product in the organic search results. A new seller cannot just get the rank right upfront and thus cannot remain in Amazon’s good books right in the beginning. But that can, however, be achieved by ensuring quality traffic consistently. 

The traffic from internal and external sources if start converting can prove productive for your Amazon business. You can get the much-needed BSR and your product will start appearing in the organic search results if you could manage the traffic and sales. Selling is directly proportional to the traffic when we talk about an eCommerce platform and online selling. You can learn more about driving the traffic to your Amazon store at

Multiple options can be tried to bring traffic to your store. You can use the PPC ads in and outside Amazon. Email marketing and blogging are other useful options that can also be tried. But using Facebook and Instagram can prove even more productive. It will help you reach millions of prospective buyers while you will be able to manage it easily. Both of the platforms are gaining fame not only for offering better socializing solutions but also for their commercial endeavors. Facebook in particular is emerging as a selling platform. 

Why You Should Use Facebook And Instagram For Promotions
Amazon understands the needs of its sellers and it takes care of them. It offers sponsored ads that can prove productive even for freshly launched products. Amazon advertising avenues are yet another opportunity for you to accelerate your promotions. But it is not always about the internal traffic alone. The external traffic is also vital to get and it, if starts converting into sales can prove productive. Facebook is a vital tool to use when we talk about the external traffic to your Amazon FBA business. Facebook and Instagram are hosting millions of people that can be reached with a comprehensive plan. A Google ad agency can also offer multiple solutions in this regard as you can try social media as well as Google for running PPC ads. 

You can maintain your brand presence on Facebook and can start selling through external links. Tell you what; it is advantageous over conventional brand ads. Now let’s see how Facebook can reward you for your external traffic sources. 

You get very specific in your ads as you can target specific interests and can narrow your target to a specific demographic group. 
You can get valuable customer data like emails that can be used for well-crafted email marketing later. 
You can reach a wider group of individuals that are likely to see your ad during an extended social media presence as compared to amazon where they resort for only a specific period. 
You can try different variables like ads, images and, videos on Facebook. 
You can link visitors to your Amazon FBA business or can get it done through a landing page. 
Since most of the Amazon sellers keep contesting on Amazon therefore you have a chance to get a wider reach and better outcomes. 

Collecting emails of the prospective buyers by sharing coupon codes is a valid point for advertising on Facebook. You can use that database to a good effect anytime in the future. 

How to Send Traffic to Your Amazon Listings 
Generating the traffic is not enough if you are not diverting it to your Amazon business. The links in your ads need to be valid and relevant for them to transfer traffic to your listings. Primarily you can do it by choosing any of the two options. You can send it directly to your listings or can involve a landing page. 

Sending the Traffic Directly to Your Amazon Listings 
Sending traffic directly to your listings is one way to divert the traffic to your store. But it is less likely to prove productive. Since most of the Facebook and Instagram users are not there for shopping but to share moments and memories. This is why the traffic generated through these ads is less likely to be converted into sales as compared to the Amazon ads. You may also never be able to track the conversions even if they occur. Therefore sending the traffic directly to your Amazon listings is not a fruitful option. 

Sending the Traffic Through A Landing Page 
The landing page is a single-page website where visitors will land after viewing your Facebook ads. The visitors will land right here after clicking on your ad placed on Facebook for traffic. You can generate leads and can track customer behavior by taking them to a landing page. The data collected from the landing page will not only help track the ad affectivity but also will help use it for future endeavors. 

How to Set Up Your Facebook And Instagram Ad Campaign
Facebook and Instagram work well for business entities as they help generate traffic for your Amazon business. But it is important that you should know how to make the best use of the platforms. Here is how you can set up an ad campaign on these platforms. 

Create a business page for promotions 
Create your ad 
Choose your budget 
Set the time 
Run your ad and reap the results 

You can target multiple audiences with a specific interest. Similarly, it is easy to target specific demographics when using Facebook ads. You can collect all the good details that can be used for the current as well as future campaigns. The procedures may vary from platform to platform. But it is strongly recommended that you should try Facebook for better outcomes, and not forget about professional help if things get out of your hands.