As an aspiring entrepreneur, it can often feel like an overwhelming prospect to consider every factor in your chosen industry. It's typically much better to narrow your focus to help ease the burden, though even then, it can still be quite a stressful time for most. Such is why most entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners should consider having a few tech skills under their belt to make things easier.

That said, it's one thing to talk about acquiring skills and going through the effort to learn. So, to help make the process easier, here are three tech skills that every aspiring entrepreneur needs.

General knowledge of specific programs

Just for the record, anyone trying to start a business without at least a bit of knowledge about Microsoft Word or Excel will likely have a challenging time. It would be good to learn about some of the more crucial programs when running a business to help make things less complicated. While it might take some time to learn, it's never a bad idea to get started as soon as possible.

While MS Word or Excel is considered so basic (the former in particular) that it barely counts as a tech skill, it's still worth mentioning due to how many people try to move forward without basic knowledge.

Learning tech skills from your chosen industry

Another thing that tends to get neglected is the multitude of programs related to an aspiring entrepreneur's chosen industry. While it might not depend too much on the industry, it is undoubtedly worthy of your focus and attention. While you can hire professionals to help deal with some of the more complicated issues, it's still a good idea to learn at least the basics of what you intend to accomplish. When it comes to software development or test management tools that integrate with Jira, it might seem complex, but having base knowledge can help tremendously. The business owner does not necessarily have to learn all the little things that make the company run, but every little bit helps.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Very few entrepreneurs will successfully manoeuvre their companies through a competitive industry landscape without any knowledge regarding search engine optimisation or digital marketing in general. In a nutshell, it’s all about getting the attention of the most powerful algorithm. Whether Google, Amazon, or anything else, there are various ways an entrepreneur can get their attention. For example, web design is a big part of SEO, as web optimisation can go a long way to attracting online users and converting them into buyers. Hiring professionals will help expedite the process as you get to learn watching them work.

Even if you might not consider yourself to be generally tech-savvy, it's not a bad idea to push forward and learn as much as possible regarding the topics above. Otherwise, it's too easy to make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. Furthermore, uncertainty can eventually tank a business if you are not careful.