Whether you run a major business or a small side operation, you need a website to connect with customers in the digital age. That’s not just a general claim. There’s evidence to support it. For example, according to surveys, most people use the internet to search for local businesses almost every day. 

However, the existence of your website doesn’t guarantee success. Your website can only deliver on its value if its pages show up in Google search results.

Many factors contribute to where your pages rank when users conduct relevant searches. The degree to which others link to your site is one such factor.

When you generate backlinks (links to your site from other sites), over time, this tells Google’s algorithm that your content is valuable and authoritative. Thus, Google is more likely to rank your pages high in search results.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to develop a link building strategy. These tips will help:

(Carefully) Partner With Others

One of the most popular ways to generate backlinks is to partner with others, agreeing to link to their pages if they link to yours.

You have to be careful when doing so. Google considers partnering with others to manipulate rankings to be a form of link scheme. If you’re caught engaging in one, your site may actually be penalized.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t partner with others at all. You simply don’t want them frequently linking back to your site when they have no reason to. When entering into a partnership, make it clear that you only want someone to link to your site when there’s a logical purpose for directing readers to one of your pages. The goal is to ensure links to your site are essentially generated naturally instead of forced.

Contribute to Other Sites

If you’re a skilled writer, you can find blogs and online publications relevant to your niche that accept guest submissions. Often, the owners of these blogs will allow guest writers to link back to their own sites. Contributing guest posts is thus an easy way to generate more backlinks. Even if you’re not a skilled writer yourself, you can hire someone else to write content under your name. Along with generating backlinks, regularly submitting guest blogs and articles to other publications will help you cast a wider net, allowing you to reach potential customers who otherwise might not have known about your business.

Search for Mentions

Depending on the age and popularity of your business, there’s a chance others may have already mentioned it in blog posts and other online content.

Search for mentions of your business online, as well as any other relevant terms, such as your name, the names of your products, etc. When you find mentions of your business without links back to your site, reach out to the owners of the pages where your business is mentioned and request that they edit the content to include a link. Not everyone may be willing to do so, but because this is a fairly easy task, odds are good plenty will.

Just keep in mind that these are only three basic tips. They absolutely will help you generate more backlinks, but they may not necessarily yield massive results at first. To optimize your link building strategy, consider enlisting the help of experts who offer link building services.