Watches have always been much more than just another accessory in your wardrobe. It marks your style statement and elevates your appeal immediately. A wristwatch has been a staple for both men and women for several decades. However, it has come a long way and has completely transformed the way people perceive it.

In recent times, technology stride and significant inclination towards sustainability have tremendously evolved watches. From smartwatches to luxury pieces and TAG Heuer Watches in Australia the market space is flooded with innumerable styles and designs to cater to varied expectations of customers. Every manufacturer is making the best effort to keep up with the new trends in the market and customer demands. 

With a whole bunch of options floating around, it becomes perplexing to choose the most suitable one that matches your personality and enhances it. However, knowing the latest trends can help you stay current and even ahead of time and make an impression. Here are five major trends in wristwatches that are going to dominate the market in 2021.

Environmental sustainability
Sustainability is one of the most dominant factors in every industry these days. People have become more aware of the environmental damage from industrialization than they have ever been. This awareness has led to people making more pro-planet choices in everything they buy and the watch market is no different. 

One of the great examples is the solar watch. These watches are fitted with a solar cell underneath that gets charged by the solar energy. This energy is used to run the watch mechanism. Such innovative eco-friendly watches are the most admired in the present times. This trend is also encouraging slow fashion so that products are sustained for a long time.

Super-durable and exceptional movement
Watches with mechanical movement are still going to rule the market. These timepieces are elegant, attractive, and add an affluent vintage vibe to your style. These are powered by the movement of your wrist which liberates you from the frequent battery changes. The complex components of these watches represent the ultimate craftsmanship and make these watches timeless.

Smartwatches rule
By rapid and thoughtful adoption of technology, watches are made smarter than ever. These timepieces not only tell you the time, but gives you updates about your health, wellness, and weather. You can also connect them with your smartphone and use applications for more intricate operations such as attending calls, reading messages, and getting reminders.

Ceramics are new love
While metallic watches have their own charm, these can be a bit uncomfortable to wear for long hours, especially during summers. For that reason, many people are drifting towards lighter and non-metallic materials like ceramic. Ceramic watches are durable and last for years without wear. If you have sensitive skin and cannot adorn luxurious metallic watches, these watches are the most suitable alternative for you.
Playful straps
You can also turn your old watch into a trendy timepiece in minutes by switching the straps. You can choose the old-school stainless steel strap or eco-leather that involves reduced waste in the making. You can also explore more colorful options with a silicon strap and add a more lively and youthful vibe to your overall style.