Every website or mobile app, be it an email service, social media, or dating app, requires a sort of verification either through the email address or phone number.

SMS verification: how delays in delivery hinder the UX of mobile apps

However, when you register via these means, you do it at the risk of your privacy. Since sharing personal data might cause troubles in the future. Advertising agencies use personal data, buy them from third parties, and set their targeted ads based on these data.

Another problem is that it might take a while for the messages to appear when you register via SMS text.

How to minimize the hinders

Virtual phone numbers are online-only phone numbers without having either a physical phone or SIM card. Such numbers come with a range of benefits; one of them is the speed of text message delivery, which is much faster than the delivery over the phone.

These virtual numbers allow you to accept messages over the internet. You can use virtual phone numbers on any mobile device or PC.


OnlineSIM is the provider of virtual phone numbers. It makes possible private registration on any website or service, including mobile apps. The pool of over 10K mobile phone numbers comes from 30 different counties so that customers could choose the needed phone number from any mobile carrier in the world.

You can use a virtual phone number for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, or email services like Gmail, Yahoo, or else, and basically any other online service and instant messaging app — Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, SEOsprint, Steam, Uber, Gett, Microsoft, Tinder.

For example, if you need to register on some social media, go to your account on the OnlineSIM website, select the service required to register at, and then you’ll be presented with a number. Copy it to the registration page, and soon after, there will be a text message with a confirmation code in your account on OnlineSIM.

OnlineSIM service was developed to minimize the number of assets you have to fumble with when needing confirmation codes. You don’t have to have a physical SIM card that often comes at the price of a costly year-long service plan. You don’t even need a physical mobile device at hand when you’ve got an OnlineSIM account created. Your account is the place where all the text messages are stored. It is a free online SMS verification.

You can get a virtual number either for a couple of hours, from 1 hour, or for an unlimited time, as long as you continue your subscription.