If the importance of e-commerce in a company grows, the online store platform should grow with it. This usually requires individual settings. To implement such “special requests”, the company needs special developers and IT specialists. An e-commerce system, large or small, is divided into two parts:

and external.

Appearance is what customers see. For example, a well-thought-out online store with vivid product images. The backend is what works under the hood, that is, the technical substructure. The backend is often complex because different systems work together.

There are special backend developers for the backend, the interface is programmed by the frontend developers. The skills and knowledge of external and internal developers overlap because they develop using the same programming languages and scripts in different places. In order to hire ecommerce developers, you need to understand what skills and knowledge they need to have.

What should an online store developer be able to do?

An online store developer must be trained as an information technology, application development, or programming professional. Years of experience in web development is also part of the core requirements. Likewise, the motivation is to always be on top of IT trends and to want to learn and grow through professional development.

Most online store developers know more than one script or programming language. In order for ecommerce website design and development to be at a high level, you need to involve a team of specialists. The specialist must be able to:

PHP knowledge is very much in demand by backend developers and sometimes front-end developers as well. PHP is often used in conjunction with MySQL database.
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are typical skills that a front-end developer must master.
Java is used in various fields. For example, in backend programming and when developing applications for smartphones.
Dot Net from Microsoft is, quite simply, a mixture of different development tools and languages. These include, for example, C ++ and C #.
Full stack developer is a versatile developer who knows different backend and frontend languages. For example, he is familiar with PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python.

Basically, designing an e-commerce store involves engaging a development team. This is the key to fast and high-quality problem solving.

What vacancies are there for e-commerce programmers?

When companies are looking for new developers, they have different approaches. On the one hand, they are looking for specialized areas, for example: Developer for:

Front end
Full stack

On the other hand, there are vacancies that are directly related to the development language. For example:

PHP Java
C #

There are also vacancies for specialists specializing in special systems of online stores. Companies often look for Magento developers, Shopware developers or SAP ABAP programmers.

Developer Profile

Programmers never work alone. Since the adaptation and further development of online stores is a vast task, developers exchange ideas with other professionals. These include, among others, the following job profiles:

Software Architect. He plans to create a store system and link it to other systems.
Project manager. If the online store is designed according to the classic waterfall model, the project manager plans and coordinates the project.
Product Owner / Scrum Master. Most software teams develop their products using agile methods like Scrum. The Product Owner, Scrum Master and the development team form a single whole.
PIM / ERP / CRM / CMS developers. Flexible e-commerce platforms allow you to connect other systems, for example, for data exchange. For example, an online store receives data about its products from a product management system (ERP) and product information management (PIM); customer data is fed into a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Accordingly, there are also special CRM assignments, among other things.
SAP specialists. When an e-commerce platform is linked to one or more SAP systems, the specialized knowledge of SAP experts comes into play.
Docker / Kubernetes specialists. Online shopping technologies are increasingly moving to the cloud. Customizing and using these solutions requires administrators and developers with specialized knowledge.

It is possible to find specialists who will be able to carry out the necessary tasks. Suggestions like Melbourne Gatsby JS Developers are a good start to inquire. But you should pay attention not to the cost of work, but to the quality of their performance. Familiarizing yourself with the portfolio is the first step a customer must take before hiring an e-commerce developer. In addition, conclude an agreement - this is a guarantee of safe cooperation for both parties.