Are you a member of these thriving generations and have constant dreams about making a career in the gaming industry?

Well, you are in luck!

Game design courses offered in India can help you take your passion for gaming to the next level.

In this blog post, we have gathered a list of options, which include both business and technical career paths that this industry has in store for you.
1.    Lead designer

Engaging in this occupation will require you to develop interesting concepts that can be eventually transformed into video games.

The ideas you build up in your head must be in line with your characters and storylines, which can be easily implemented during production.

2.    Software Developers

They are computer programmers, accountable for employing game designing visions into the final products.

You will have to go about working in a manner the designers want you to develop and design software that is the building block of video games.

3.    Animators

These refer to artists who make gaming programs come to life.

They are an integral part of the video game formulating division, who deploy specialized software to create a series of pictures that form video game imaging

4.    Audio Engineers

These professionals use electrical equipment and digital gadgets to develop soundtracks that can be heard when playing a video game. 

5.    Writers

They tend to wear multiple hats within the video gaming sector.

Also known as scriptwriters they build upon the stories and write dialogue upon which games will be based on.

6.    Interpreters

This job will require you to convert characters' voices into foreign languages.

Such translators are proficient at changing instructions based on the language they are to be played. 

7.    Video Game Testers

They are hired to test the quality of video games produced by the company.

You are expected to ensure the documentation and instructions are clear, and the game functions appropriately. 

8.    Technical Support Specialists

They form the connection between the public and video game companies, helping customers who have problems related to equipment and operating games.

9.    Producers

They deal with the financial aspects of the business and marketing video games to consumers. 

10. Marketing Managers

They formulate strategies for selling their video games by coordinating the marketing activities of video game publishers.

11. Market Research Analysts

You get to determine buying preferences of prospective customers' by gathering data that can help video game publishers make their decision.

12. Sales Representatives

They possess extensive knowledge about selling video games to retailers or wholesalers.

All these just comprise the top layer of what is referred to as the dream jobs for gamer lovers.
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