Outsourcing your projects to a software development partner is nothing new; we’ve been doing this for a decade now. However, given the era of cloud operations that we are currently in, it’s one of the major phenomena that has us working. 

Even before we hit a global level pandemic in 2019, the industry was expected to reach up to $445 billion by 2021. Given the wake of the pandemic and our subsequent drive for digitization, the market is at its full bloom.

However, that’s not all! An increasing amount of outsourcing development companies have only given way to an extensive variation, around the types of partners you can pair with. While the trends show an increasing demand for digital products, on one hand, selecting a reliable IT partner is becoming a challenge at the other. 

Given that the most pivotal element of a client-vendor relationship lies in ‘transparency,’ you cannot expect a high-quality output if there is a lack of the same. Here’s why transparency today is more important than it was in the pre-pandemic situation; let’s have a look.

Reasons why Transparency is more important than Ever:

a. Promotes Accountability:

Accountability is one of the strongest motivators when it comes to outsourcing your projects. When you work under a project with an increased level of transparency, team members work under a chain of command. 

This way, all the members are aware of their roles, progress, and commitments. 

b. Collaboration:

When you maintain a tight collaboration with your software development partner, transparency becomes a by-product of the same. When communications are open, it becomes easy for the remaining team members to align with a single thought process. 

Individual team members are aware of their respective undertakings and the loop for feedback remains tighter, providing you with an opportunity to work with one single objective.

c. Eliminates Risk:

There’s one common platform for the entire team when there’s transparency in operations between you and your outsourcing partner. This way, planning becomes easier, and the team can effectively navigate through tough situations.
d. Access to a common Objective:

When the entire team is bound to one single channel of communication, aligning with the objective and getting updates becomes easier. Further, when the teams are able to see the bigger picture, it helps them set common goals and develop better projects.

Now, when there’s a lack of transparency, the end results could be anything from a case of code theft to an application that is not scalable. What organizations don’t realize that transparency is a two-way street.  Being a client, you should always be clear about your plan of action, end results, and the desired budget.

How to Choose a Transparency-committed Partner? 

Now that you know why transparency plays such a significant role in application development let’s dive into the key prospects to look for a potential partner.

Check if they have an agile approach to development.
Open and frequent communication.
Adaptive team, ready to align with your vision.
Do a background check and confirm their experience.   

Transparency is Foundational to Success

Ultimately, when it comes to transparency between you and your software development partner, their expertise and experience add to the project operations. When your partnership has transparency, keeping up with the work commitment and meeting one common objective is the final output. 

Remember, transparency with your development partner is the key to developing the ultimate application!