Industries are always looking for compressors, blowers, or vacuums. Industrial units must use reliable equipment, and it is always wise to have a one-stop for all, be it for new products, parts, or technical services. Gardner Denver Distributors, a global industrial product manufacturer, offers a wide range of top-notch technology products.

So what does Gardner Denver Distributors do? In simple words, it caters to different industrial needs on a global scale. Products of the company go through a meticulous process of assessments before manufacturing. The history of industrial expertise is noted in the books of the company. Hence today, it remains one of the biggest companies offering industrial solutions worldwide. Gardner has got its partners and distributors in every nook and corner of the world to ensure local industries can rely on quality products. 

Products Distributed by the Company

Gardner Denver Distributions offers a massive range of blowers, compressors, and vacuum to cater to the industry's needs. What's even more exciting is the sub-range under the three main categories. 

Here are some of the most selected industrial equipment needed for packaging, manufacturing, and transportation worldwide:


The most common blower under the company is positive displacement blowers. They are used to transfer high-pressure air through pipes or hoses. Gardner and its technology have made several types of blowers to push air into pipes carrying bulk luggage. The blower helps in moving the materials more efficiently and safely. It is almost impossible to transport bulk with physical labor. Hence, blowers are the nearest option for industrial transportation. 

Straight bi-lobe and tri-lobe blowers, helical screw blowers, twisted lobe blowers, and other blower packages are the different end-products purchased by industries.

All the blowers have rotors to displace air into the pipes from one end to another. The movement of chemicals, cement, oil, paper, plastics, and dairy requires bulk transportation blowers. 


Different industries require different types of compressors. While choosing a compressor, it is crucial to understand its application for the best results. Some of the key points to remember are:

Selecting the correct pressure
Understanding the existing plant technology and that of the compressors'
Even getting oil-free compressors if needed

A multi-tier compressor is another option. However, some compressors may not be compatible with specific operations. Therefore, close considerations to the points can help industries get the most from the technology.

Besides purchasing new compressors, the existing ones on plant industries can be upgraded accordingly. Gardner and its technology can make refined modifications for a cost-effectively upgraded compressor. Upgrading can sometimes prove to be more efficient for the functioning of the entire system, while a new purchase will require new modifications to other equipment.


Vacuums are an essential part of the manufacturing process in all industries. They churn the operation faster, in an efficient manner, and with safety measures intact. The technologies used by Gardner Denver Distributions offer a wide range of solutions for industries to meet specific needs.

Radial vacuums are the first in line that is primarily used in paper industries. The vacuum fans extract dust and powder from the packages in an economical manner and without a sound. 

Dry vacuum pumps are an equipment that is environmentally friendly because of the energy it saves. The pump performs the same function without oil usage and still ensures the highest standard of air in manufacturing areas. The equipment is mainly used in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and food processing units worldwide. Another advantage of dry vacuum pumps is their low maintenance costs and a longer lifetime. Rotary Lobe vacuum pumps are also run dry for various industrial needs. The pump is built last and only its bearings are lubricated with oil for the system's smooth functioning.

A more sophisticated technology-based pump is the C-series vacuums that are synced using a gear set. The vacuum comes with high-quality seals that separate the chamber from the gearbox. 

Another dry running vacuum pump is the screw pump. It is mainly used in the packaging unit of industries. These pumps are simple to service and operate with little to no noise.


Gardner also distributes a wide range of mobile products to industries around the globe. The mobile products meet industrial needs in bulk in dry or chemical conditions as per the need. The products are reliable for long-term performance, and the safety aspect is always in check.

What's best is that the products are not limited to handling extensive industrial operations but support local services. Some of these mobile products are cyclo blower, cyclo saver, duroflow, liquid bulk equipment, vacuum trucks, and hydraulic coolers. 

Spare Parts for Industrial Equipments

Maintenance of any appliance at home or in an industry increases longevity to a higher level. Gardner and its distributors offer an ocean of options to ensure all compressors, pumps, vacuums, and blowers work to serve for a long time. Therefore, with authorized dealers and partnerships worldwide, trained technicians and engineers work day and night to ensure the best performance out of the mentioned products. 

It is crucial to note that parts of the products must be replaced with the original parts from the same company when it comes to industrial parts. It can be filters, gaskets, or something as tiny as a valve. Gardner offers the same parts used for their products to obtain maximum performance. 


With over one hundred and sixty years in the industrial environment, Gardner Denver has become a dependable unit for the distribution of top-notch industrial products. Wherever you are, Gardner Distributors has a global network that can help purchase products or assist in getting any kind of technical support for existing equipment. Efficient twenty-four-hour service is also in place to meet any urgent requirement of various industrial units. 

Being the world's leading industrial equipment provider, Gardner has a considerable consumer base in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

The compressors, vacuums, and blowers offered by Gardner Denver meet the needs of transporting bulk, manufacturing, and packaging food or beverages in simple, quiet, and smooth transitions.