Writing content for the web can be deemed valuable only if the search engine can grasp it & rank it accordingly. However, businesses also need to ensure that website content forms a connection with the readers & clients. Ideal content would maintain a balance between Search Engine Optimised content & user-friendly content. 

The right e-commerce agency in Thailand can keep the balance between SEO-optimized & user-friendly content for your brand. However, with IBEX Media offering top digital agency services, you can identify the best practices to strike that perfect balance when writing content for the web:

1. Curate Content Based on Your Audience

Companies have to draft content based on the type of audience they cater to on their site. For companies with other businesses as their key clients, it is preferred to specify the technical aspects of their products & services. Easy to grasp information about the offerings displayed in a creative manner is ideal for B2C clients. Showing content relevant to your audience type will further engage the audience on the site, resulting in an improved Google search engine rating.

2. Identify Keywords & Make them Impactful.

Keywords are crucial to creating SEO-optimized website content &, when used appropriately, can boost the overall ranking of the website. However, strategic & meaningful use of keywords in places where they are highly relevant can also impact the purchase decision of the site visitor. Optimizing the content title, introduction, subheadings & conclusion with impactful words can increase client engagement & conversion on the site. Moreover, incorporating keywords alongside impactful phrases can result in a lasting brand recall on the client's ends. Every keyword & phrase used must nudge visitors to click & explore the site further rather than disengaging & exiting the area. Visit the IBEX blog to know more about impactful keywords for digital marketing in Thailand.

3. Optimize Keywords with Hyperlinks

Once the keywords are identified based on relevance to your audience and the search engine, it is vital to incorporate hyperlinks for ideal optimization. Links on the site can lead the visitors to other relevant & informative pages on your site or a credible third-party site. However, overusing hyperlinks in the content can have a counterproductive impact on the client, harming the brand. Businesses must identify the thought process of the client when reading the content. Suppose visitors need to be redirected to another platform to provide more information about what they are currently reading. In that case, it is wise to add hyperlinks for the same. The proper use of hyperlinks in strategic places can enhance the visitor experience on your site while boosting your rank on Google.

4. Incorporate Visual Content

Human beings are mainly visual by nature, so content displayed alongside creative visuals garner higher views & engagement on any platform. Displaying images & videos relevant to your industry, product, or service can amplify the impact of your content on visitors. Moreover, with suitable meta description & alt tags, visuals on your site can result in better visibility on Google. Large chunks of data can be made easy to understand & grasp with the help of visuals & infographics. As the preferred e-commerce agency in Thailand, IBEX can vouch for strategic placement of visuals at critical areas on the site leads to the ideal optimization of visual content on your site. 

5. Avoid Unnecessary Information

Identify the most relevant content about your brand & draft other content around the key phrases & value points you plan to convey to your visitors. Providing an overload of content all over the place with no specific direction to lead the client can defeat the purpose of optimizing the content on your site. Using keywords & phrases that a visitor comes across during the search can make the content more relevant to the visitor. The right content without any jargon & fillers can drive customers to make a purchase decision while also exploring other aspects of your site.

Following the above practices will surely help you further optimize the content on your site for users and Google or visit IBEX for more details on the same from the top digital agency in Thailand.