Corporations with a large workforce often struggle to manage business communications effectively. In business communications, there is a constant flow of information within and outside the company. However, with the continuous development of the business environment, cell centers are gaining a lot of importance. 

The advancement in communication technology has changed the way organizations plan and implement things. So, whether a business chooses a call center solution to take matters into their own hands or hires a third-party to take care of things on their behalf is a choice that is dependent on several factors, including the cost associated with them. 

A comprehensive call center solution provides agents with a much better opportunity to answer customer queries faster. It helps agents in delivering the most appropriate response to the question a customer is posing. This is how businesses can take a step in the right direction when it comes to not only retaining existing customers but also acquiring new ones. 

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What is a Call Center Solution?
Think of cloud- or local server-based call center software as high-performing VoIP systems. Primarily, call center solutions are of two types: inbound and outbound. If we talk about inbound solutions, there is no better product to refer to than KENT CamCall, an advanced call center solution. It is the world's first video-based platform for inbound calls that enables winning sales calls and excellent customer support. The call center solution does not require any software installation on the customer's phone or the agent's desktop. It is an app-less system, thus offers faster support and resolutions. 

What Makes KENT CamCall Call Center Solution Unique?
Listed below is a list of factors that make a call center solution unique:

App-Less Ecosystem
KENT CamCall does not require any software installation on part of agents as well as customers. It works well with all devices- mobile/tab/desktop using default web-browser. 

Call-Scheduling Not Required
It is the world's first video-based platform that allows customers to initiate a video call via web-link directly. Since there is no need for setting up calls, customers can directly speak to the agent. It helps in improving first call response. 

Sharing of Presentation on Call
AV content can simplify the most complex of problems. This call center solution from KENT allows the agent to easily share content with customers. The screen sharing option allows the agent to share the presentation for a clearer understanding. This in turn ensures increased agent productivity. 

Switch from Voice to Video
The ongoing pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, and you cannot take the risk of going out. So, turn the pandemic induced challenges into new business opportunities for better growth. By accessing a simple QR code and using other methods, customers can connect with agents in seconds. Multilingual support ensures higher call engagement. 

Plug and Play Solution
It is a cloud-based calling software and can be set-up quickly without any hassles. It allows you to go live in less than 60 minutes. 

A call center solution app is the future of business communication. Reputable brands like KENT have introduced the world's 1st video-based platform for inbound calls. It is a cloud-based solution that helps in reducing infrastructure costs. Along with this, you also get a variety of reports to help you in making data-driven decisions. You can store and use recordings of all video interactions for quality and audit. It provides AES 128-bit security for all communication. 

So, invest in KENT CamCall and give a face to your voice from anywhere.