Imagine you lose your job unexpectedly or your loved one gets hospitalized for a week. That is stressful and inconvenient, especially when you do not have immediate cash on hand. 

While savings may help, nothing can beat having an investment. What type of investment would you like to try this 2021? You perhaps think of stocks, insurance, bonds, security futures, investment funds, commodity futures, bank products, and annuities. 

What else? Cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings are gaining massive popularity over the past few years. People have also turned into this type of investment because of its security, fewer competitions, easy application, inflation resistance, and wide acceptance. 

But with countless investment options out there, you are quite confused about what to pick and consider. Yieldnodes should be on top of your mind! 

Is Yieldnodes a Real Investment Opportunity? 

Unfortunately, not! Yieldnodes is not an investment opportunity. But do not lose hope! 

The company is often referred to as an investment; however, it is a server rental program developed and designed according to the new blockchain-based ecosystem. Yes, you read it right. It does not focus on trading. It is about masternoding. 

How Do Yieldnodes and Masternoding Work? 

With Yieldnodes, there is no trading required. People only need to co-rent master nodes and servers where each holds a particular amount of crypto coins or rewards. It is commonly called the proof of stake approach. Profit is then made every time you sell these coins, and Yieldnodes charges around 15% of the generated revenues to cover the company’s costs. 

To join Yieldnodes, it is important to register an account. While there are no specific details on account registration, just fill out what is asked in the Contact Us form at the bottom of the site. Be sure to provide correct information. 

Within a minute or two, you can finish the registration process as if nothing happened. It is convenient, and there is no lengthy form to complete or long waiting time. It is convenient, smooth, and seamless. 

Once you completed the registration, you can make either the minimum (€/$500) or the maximum deposit (€/$250,000). For a beginner, the €/$500 minimum deposit will be your best bet. If you have been into Yieldnodes for years, the €/$250,000 maximum deposit is perfect. The more coins you have, the better the rewards and returns. 

Once you deposited the money, you have to wait for a 7-day grace period for Yieldnodes to set up the server. After that, your deposit will start growing a monthly revenue of 5 or 15%. But you cannot make any withdrawal within six months, although you need immediate cash. 

Fortunately, once the six months end, you can either withdraw or compound all your earnings. Lastly, you can file or send a withdrawal request as early as the 15th of the month so that Yieldnodes have ample time to sell your coins and payout the funds as soon as possible. 

What is the Potential Revenue to Expect? 

Yieldnodes has become a top favorite for many because of its capability to increase client’s revenues. On average, a master node holder can obtain approximately 11% of earnings per month. That is 170% annually. It is also projected to increase in the coming years. 

When it comes to compounding, you can expect a total revenue of 404%. But it still depends. Feel free to contact Yieldnodes on how to get the most out of your masternoding. You can also ask for help from a close friend or someone who can guide you from start to finish. 

How About the Risks? 

Cryptocurrency mining can guarantee high rewards. But it is easier said than done. More than the need to invest in cutting-edge and top-grade technology, the risk of cryptocurrency theft or attack is higher than you have ever expected. 

That’s not all. It doubles computing costs and utility bills that may affect and outweigh your monthly return. It may also put both your privacy and data at risk. 

On the contrary, Yieldnodes spreads the risk by mixing high and low-risk coins. The loss of capital will not be a problem because once your revenues drop below 5% for around three months, Yieldnodes will return all your rental payments, including its accrued profits. Therefore, you can protect your hard-earned money. 

Another thing is Yieldnodes has a team that will monitor your master nodes constantly without taking any shortcuts. From the CEO to the management assistant, Yieldnodes is surrounded by people who are meticulous in everything they do. 

Although market coin prices fluctuate, Yieldnodes’ highly capable team will never leave your master node behind. They will guarantee real-time, professional, consistent, and accurate master node monitoring that you deserve. 

Why Choose Yieldnodes - The Go-To Multi-tiered Node Program? 

There is No Monthly or Registration Fee

Unlike the other types of multi-tiered node programs, Yieldnodes does not charge any registration or monthly expenses. That means you can save some cash over time as your emergency funds. 

Although you have the means to pay monthly fees, nothing is more fulfilling than having a chance to acquire bigger savings. 

100% Legit Cryptocurrency Service to Generate Passive Income 

Yes, it is true! It is a cryptocurrency service that is trusted by millions of people from across the globe. Apart from its reliability and unmatched dedication to excellence, many individuals love Yieldnodes for how it generates passive income. 

If you lost your job because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Yieldnodes would provide you with the opportunity to have a passive and good income. Whether you are at home or you are looking after your kids, you can still earn. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and make the minimum deposit. Then, let Yieldnodes do its job for you!

It is Transparent

All vital information about the company is available on Yieldnodes’ website. From the history, the core team, revenues to minimum deposits, Yieldnodes is committed to providing transparency with monthly and accurate reports. 

What’s Next? 

Are you searching for a way to acquire passive income without too many risks? Yieldnodes can make your dreams happen. So, what are you going to do now! Sign up today and achieve financial freedom soon!