The Internet has been the go-to source of people for information needed. Whether you want to learn a new recipe, look for the title of that song you just heard, or simply know what’s happening in your neighborhood, launching the web browser from your phone or computer seems to be a quick solution. Entrepreneurs have benefited from this practice.

One of the most common activities done online is to search for and buy products and services. 72% of people use the Internet to shop or use consumer services. So, if you own a business, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Internet. However, the goal is for your business to land on the first page of search engine results pages. Why is landing on Google first page guaranteed to bring successful results? Let’s find out! 

How Crucial It Is to Be in Google’s First Page? 

As mentioned, people use the Internet to search for different inquiries. This makes the Internet carry lots of information just to cater to each individual’s query. Science Focus says that companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have at least 1,200 petabytes or 1.2 million terabytes of stored data.

To put it into perspective, one song takes about three megabytes of storage. If 1,000 megabytes is equivalent to one gigabyte and 1,000 gigabytes is equivalent to one terabyte, then it’s safe to say that there are at least 400 trillion songs available in a database worth 1,200 petabytes. And we’re only talking about the data in the aforementioned companies. As of March 2021, the indexed web is reported to have at least 5.27 billion pages.

With this vast number of data online, your website may likely end up just circling through web traffic, not hitting its main purpose. This is the case if your website is not optimized properly. The goal is not just to create a website or social media pages but also to make sure that your brand will appear on the first page of Google search results.

The top search in Google results appears to be the most relevant to the online users. In a study done by Backlinko analyzing 5 million Google search results in 2019, they found out that the first organic search results get an average of 31.7% click-through rate (CTR). The second organic result has declined to 7%, getting only an average of 24.71% CTR. The percentage in the following results continues to lessen. Here, we can see that as a website’s ranking decreases, the lesser the number of visitors click on it.

So, how can landing on Google’s first page ranking guaranteed to help your business grow?

Brand Awareness

One surefire way of getting your brand recognized is by optimizing your page to be on the first page of Google search results. Imagine having to pursue a woman who has many suitors. The first step is for you to introduce yourself to her but those who are first in line will have a better advantage of being recognized. The same goes with being on the first page of Google results. Businesses that appear on top have higher chances of being recognized by their market.
Lead Generation

One of the vital goals of a business is to generate leads. But how will a business be successful in this matter if their website is not easily seen online? Being on top of the rankings in Google search gives your business the advantage to be discovered by your target market instantly compared to your competitors who are in the lower web results rankings.

Authority in the Industry

Landing on the first page of Google search results gives an impression that your business is an authority in your industry. When people search online, Google shows a featured snippet or an answer box at the top related to the inquiry made. This is known as Position Zero. If your website has good content compared to other websites, Google can use your web content as the featured answer to a question. This not only gives your business exposure but also makes your brand look powerful.


Aside from being recognized as an industry authority, your brand can also be named to be trustworthy. The algorithm of Google is carefully crafted to sort out low-quality content from high-quality ones so that it can give you information that is most relevant to your search query. Therefore, if your business’s website constantly appears on the top Google website ranking, it means that your web content is distinguished to be a reliable source of information. And if Google trusts your business, you can expect people to trust your business as well.