Headsets are devices worn over a person's head. The first headsets consist of two ear cups connected by a band that hung down in front of them. Eventually, the ear cups were connected by a headband that sat on the wearer's head. Wires connected each ear cup, and another plugged the headset into electronic devices.

Initially, telephone operators used single earcups to perform their duties. The stethoscope-like headsets were eventually introduced to the public to enable them to listen to musical performances. The headsets' size and their features have changed as the need for headsets evolved and technology improved, and the first gaming headsets were sold less than 20 years ago. 

Today, it's hard to think of video games without considering gaming headsets an essential accessory, and many reputable companies produce gaming headsets that range in price from $49.99 to $399.99. First-time gaming headset buyers trying to identify a good gaming headset can simplify the buying process by evaluating headsets based on a good headset's critical features.

The best gaming headsets have a comfortable fit.

Video game headsets are worn by gamers who may engage in long gaming sessions. Therefore, they must have a gaming headset that fits comfortably. Look for gaming headsets with soft earcups. The headband should fit over your head and hold the earcups in place without slipping, but it shouldn't be too tight. You may consider the weight when choosing which headset to buy. Heavy headsets can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Sound quality is a critical feature.

Some headsets offer authentic surround sound, while others offer virtual surround sound. Surround sound is important because it enables gamers to get a sense of which direction noises are coming from. Excellent sound quality allows gamers to hear audio prompts when they're playing games. Responding to audio prompts can make the difference between life and death for the player's character in many video games, which is why the best gaming headsets have superb audio quality.

The best gaming headsets are noise cancelling headsets. Noise cancelling headsets filter out sounds from the background. You don't want real-world sounds preventing you from hearing audio prompts if you're playing games at home and have an active family or live near a busy street. You don't want your teammates or viewers to hear background noises if you're using headsets to communicate with teammates during group gameplay or streaming your game.

You can choose between a wireless headset and a wired headset.

The first headsets were all wired and had to be plugged into electronic devices. Today, it's possible to buy a good gaming headset that you plug into mobile devices and video gaming systems, such as Xbox Series X or PlayStation consoles.

It's also possible to buy wireless headsets that use Bluetooth or a USB Dongle to connect the headset to the video game system you're using. If you're determined to get the best wireless gaming headset, you can eliminate wired headsets from consideration when selecting your headset.

Most gamers need microphones.

Microphones allow gamers to communicate while playing games. Those engaged in tournaments or streaming on video game streaming sites, such as Twitch, can use their headset mic to relay information to other players or viewers. High-quality headsets have an excellent sound quality and filter out background noise, allowing you to communicate clearly.

Your headset has to fit your budget.

No matter how great a headset is, it won't be good for you if it doesn't fit your budget. Investing too much money in a headset you only use occasionally for your entertainment can affect your gaming budget and prevent you from investing in the next new game on the market. It may help if you also considered your system's age and whether you plan to upgrade to a new system soon to ensure your headset works effectively with that system.

Who needs gaming headsets?

Anyone who enjoys playing video games may benefit from purchasing one of the best gaming headsets on the market. People with hearing loss may also benefit from investing in one of the best gaming headsets on the market because the headset will filter out background noise and amplify audio prompts from the game.

Professional gamers also need the best gaming headsets available. Professional players include those who play games in tournaments and stream their gameplay on streaming services for subscribers. Using a superior headset enables them to hear the game and communicate clearly during gameplay.

The best gaming headsets have a comfortable fit and excellent sound quality. Buyers should also look for affordable headsets within their price range that have a good mic. Headset producers make several great gaming headsets, both with and without wires.