Of course, protecting the internal and external components of the dedicated server is essential and unavoidable. The cleanliness of components is one of these protection issues. Not knowing how to clean server components can cause significant damage to them. We are now going to explain to you the optimal methods of cleaning the server for each of its components.

You can be sure that you will greatly increase these parts' lives by knowing and practicing these tricks.

The time you need to clean the server depends on the environment in which the server is running. For example, servers running in public places need to be cleaned every month. But dedicated servers used in the server room may need to be cleaned within six months. If you smoke while working with the server or the server environment is dusty and dirty, you should clean it every two months.

But we usually recommend cleaning the server every 6 months. When cleaning the server's inside, we strongly recommend that you do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the server's inside because the vacuum cleaner generates static electricity, which is extremely dangerous for the server's electronic components and greatly increases the possibility of server failure.

There are small battery-powered vacuum cleaners inside the server that you can use if needed. We recommend using compressed air sprays that you can get from electronics stores. And using a blower is also the best option.

The most important thing after buying digital equipment is to maintain it. This maintenance includes periodic service, repairs required, and, most importantly, cleaning. By maintaining digital equipment, you can extend its life and eliminate the need to visit a service center. The equipment in the server room is costly and expensive to maintain.

If you have a large business and have a server room next to it, you should pay attention to dusting and cleaning it. Sometimes, if there is dust on digital equipment, their performance will be weak and slow, and they will need major repairs in the long run.

You all know the high sensitivity of server and network equipment. Moving a wire, loosening a socket or switch will cause irreparable damage. Therefore, there are restrictions on entering the server room. However, no one has the right to enter the server room by themselves, and only licensed people will enter this space.

With all the skills and expertise that these people have, they cannot clean dedicated server equipment. People should do this with the same skills. Experts do server room design. To do this, the necessary standards must be observed so that the equipment does not have problems.

Note that it would also be best to buy a dedicated server with quality and durable parts to increase reliability.

Important Points In Cleaning The Server Room And Network Equipment

1. To clean the server room, you must first turn off any system that needs cleaning, then unplug it and clean it.
2. Eliminate wire clutter. Wires dropped on the ground can be accidental. Trim the extra wires and arrange the existing racks.
3. While cleaning the server room, be careful not to move any cables. The network equipment should not move, and you should not disturb their order.
4. If the dedicated server and network equipment are in a public area, you should clean it every month because a lot of dust accumulates on the systems. But if you have a server room, you do not need monthly cleaning. It would be best if you cleaned the equipment every 6 months.
5. Make sure the server room fans are intact. Heating the server room can seriously damage the devices.
6. Make sure you clean all the parts you have removed for cleaning and finally return all the parts and servers to the first place.

Necessary Tools For Cleaning Network Equipment

1. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the server's inside or even computer cases under any circumstances; irreparable damage may occur. For this purpose, small pressure pumps are designed with batteries, which you can use to clean the server's inside with ease. There are also some pressure sprays on the market recommended for cleaning the inside of the case and the server. Another suggestion for cleaning the server inside is to use a damp cloth, a little alcohol, a toothbrush, a brush, and an air blower. By using this equipment, you will clean the server room in the best possible way.
2. The use of chemical detergents is prohibited. You should not even use detergents to clean the outside of the server.
3. Under no circumstances should water be used to clean the server's inside; just a damp cloth is sufficient.


You will find that you can clean your server room and dedicated server by following a few not-so-difficult tips and avoiding future expenses.

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