Building a dream personal computer might be tedious work for others, but knowing the steps on how to go about it would make it a rather easy process even for beginners.


First, you ought to determine what you specifically want in your computer as there are lots of possible variables in a personal computer build. There will be key components that you will need. Research on what level of performance you want for your personal computer then you will know what you’re going to invest in. 

Here, we will discuss how to build your dream personal computer, and cover a few pitfalls you’d be best advised to avoid.

Prepare the best products

This is the crucial part of building your dream personal computer. You don’t want to buy parts that won’t be compatible with your dream pc. You would be spending more money than you intended when you don’t know what parts to buy. Either you spend less or more on your dream pc, it is important to get the right parts for it. 

Make sure everything, every component, is compatible and it works. You will need to buy the best there is so that your money will be spent well and these are the case, PSU, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Storage, GPU. These products are all compatible.

Have the right tools


In building your dream personal computer, you should remember that some tools and toolkits are essential in building your delicate computer. 

You don’t want to fry things up, have your money go to waste and spend some more than intended. Electricity static is not good when building your personal computer. You don’t also want to ground yourself and also cause damage to the components.

Avoid building mistakes

Either you are building your pc or upgrading one, you need to know these little mistakes that might not meet the level that you’ve wanted for your personal computer. You need to have the right tools such as a computer tool kit, flat and free workspace, strictly no carpet workspace, LED light source, anti-static wristband, and mat, magnetic parts tray. 

When you start purchasing products for your personal computer, make sure these products work. You don’t want to spend your money on something that you’re not so sure if it’s going to work. You should know what is the recommended unit even if it's expensive.

Avoid these mistakes by following the guidelines that are essential to building your dream pc.

Install the CPU, RAM, PSU, motherboard, storage devices, GPU


Installing your CPU, Central Processing Unit is an easy process. You have to unpack everything on your flat surface table. By unpacking, you install a few components to test if things work or out. You unpack and install it to test it.

The process of installing your CPU is simple. Here it is: Unpack the motherboard and place the motherboard where it is safe, open the CPU latch, be careful when installing the CPU, insert the CPU by putting it lightly, then close the CPU latch. Next, install the cooler for the CPU and then read the manual of the cooler.

It is important to choose RAM that will match your motherboard and CPU. It is a sensitive component and should be handled with care. 

The most critical component of the PC is the PSU as it is the component that provides all computing actions.

When the CPU, the CPU cooler, and the RAM are installed, the motherboard is ready to be put back. The work of the Motherboard allows the CPU, memory, storage, GPU, and other components to connect. 

As for the storage drives, be sure to check the PC case manual to know how drive bays are configured. The storage drives are responsible for the operation of personal files, all data, and all programs.

Activate your dream PC

With all your hard work on assembling these important parts of your dream computer, you can now launch the PC.



You switch the PSU on and click on the power switch. You will see the screen light up and see further instructions that your pc needs like OS installation if not detected or some troubleshooting. 

Once your dream PC is ready all your money spent and hard work is all worth it. You’ve now built your dream PC, congratulations! 


Building your dream personal computer is both satisfying and therapeutic. You get to add features to your dream PC like installing games, playing games online, and get to interact with people more. WIth you PC, you can also use health apps such as the hospital-grade blood pressure monitors that simulates real-time BP measurement processes to keep your health in check.

While there are negative effects to gaming, there are also many reasons why it has cognitive benefits. Having built your dream personal computer is no mean feat. You get to learn a lot of things while at it. Should you dare to build again, then you know it is going to be an easy task.

Ultimately though, it is important to know the essentials of what you need to prepare and do to achieve what you desire for your dream computer. This way, your task will be a lot easier.