Boasting nearly one billion registered users, Instagram presents one of the most popular social networks ever. Leverage its potential to stir interest around your Airbnb property and increase reservations! This nifty photo-sharing app is a robust marketing tool allowing your future tenants to see instantly what your offering is all about. Learn how to create hype around your Airbnb rental on Instagram and attract more traffic to your listing.

It all starts with a nice bio

Your effective Airbnb marketing strategy on Instagram begins with a well-thought-out bio. Bio is responsible for the first impressions, which, surely, count. In the bio, glorify your Airbnb property and try to spark an interest among viewers.

Your Instagram bio should contain a direct link to your Airbnb account. There is no point captivating your prospects with lovely pictures if they cannot land on your Airbnb page when they want to make a reservation.

A good Bio includes the next important elements:

Your rental’s precise location;
A creative description of your offering;
A link to your rental listing on the Airbnb platform.

Identify your Airbnb brand

On Instagram, you just have a few seconds to ignite a user’s curiosity before they scroll down. So when elaborating on the brand of your rental, ask yourself the following:

How is your listing identified? A fashionable sea-front villa, a mega-comfortable hunter's lodge in the dense forest, an ultra-modern loft living in the heart of downtown, a charming fisherman’s house on a riverbank, etc…

What impressions your rental must produce on viewers while they are exploring your Instagram? Do you want prospects to get inspired, delighted, or curious?
If your rental is a “magnificent sea-front villa”, prove it. Highlight the opulence of your property, beauties of surrounding nature, activities to enjoy on the beach…

Always think about what your potential clients may be looking for and publish posts with their considerations in mind. Those interested in a deep-forest hunter's lodge are likely to be seeking seclusion and natural tranquility, while those willing to rent a luxury villa overlooking the ocean seem to prefer more active vacations.

Remember, your Instagram exists to evoke positive emotions in would-be clients and send them to your Airbnb to complete a booking.

Show them around your adobe and locality

Those Airbnb hosts who do not fear to show the ins and outs of their vacation rentals on Instagram relish high conversion rates. Take snapshots of every room, and it also won’t hurt to post videos guiding prospects around and beyond your confines.

If your short-stay rental has breathtaking views outside the window, don’t’ be lazy to upload them, as well. Showcase your inner design and local entertainments your tenants can enjoy in the neighborhood to give a true sense of your rental and amazing experiences it delivers.

As an Airbnb owner, you need to promote not only your rental, but the neighborhood area too. Take pictures of incredible barista cappuccino served in the coffee shop on a corner. Or post a picture of a creative bench in the local park, emphasizing that it is one of the city’s main attractions.

Images of your neighborhood add vividness to your Airbnb Instagram content and give a better understanding of your offering. Try to photograph things that will most appeal to your target group.

Engage with your audience

What works great on Instagram for an Airbnb business is connecting with viewers on a personal level. Show genuine interest in your followers! Generously like their posts and drop nice inspiring comments. Make sure you reply to comments, too, to establish stronger connections with your audience.

If you actively interact with your followers, you let potential customers get to know you better and foster loyalty in them. After all, we all would like to do business with those whom we know and trust, right?

If you want to efficiently market your short-stay rental on Instagram, it is a nice rule of thumb to like, follow, comment, and share posts of your followers. Every single day. This will encourage your subscribers to go to your Instagram profile and scrolling through your content. An elevated users’ activity on your profile signals to Instagram algorithm that your account is popular so that it will eventually prioritize your posts in your followers’ news feed!

Right hashtags work magic

Appropriate and trendy hashtags help prospects discover you on Instagram. People often rely on location hashtags when looking for accommodation for their next holidays.

This social network filters content by location. You will want to complement your pictures and videos with location tags if you want your Airbnb Instagram to be visible to those searching for a rental home in your place.

Instagram allows using up to 30 hashtags per publication, so make most of it. A wise strategy is to save the most relevant 30 hashtags on your smartphone. For instance, if your rental is in Dubai, utilize hashtags travelers search by when going there:


Take advantage of Instagram Stories

Hundreds of millions of users publish Instagram Stories every day! You can embrace Instagram Stories to reach an enormous audience of potential Airbnb tenants. It is also a wonderful opportunity to stay visible to your followers for the whole day.

Stories place you at the top of the users’ news feed, ensuring you are getting viewed. Moreover, even non-subscribers can discover and watch your Stories, without tapping on your profile.

Provide testimonials

A story of happy guests on Instagram can do wonders for your Airbnb business. If it is OK for your guests, publish pictures of their happy stay in your rental home, or ask them to share their experience about dealing with you on their own Instagram accounts. Reviews of real users are very persuasive. The only little thing left is to provide wonderful customer service, so that people will be willing to leave positive reviews about your Airbnb property.

Instagram is just a small constituent of an efficient Airbnb marketing strategy. Hosty, a leading provider of rental property management software runs a blog where you can learn more about creative, tried-and-true ways to promote your Airbnb not only on Instagram but other social media.