The trading market has evolved tremendously over the last few years with many more options now coming into place for prospective traders. The crypto market has emerged as a huge opportunity for many trading enthusiasts, but there are a lot of premonitions associated with it. While the Forex market has been around for a very long time and its humongous size is shown through the high amounts it trades in every day. On the other hand, the crypto market is a comparatively newer market that emerged in 2009 and has slowly been growing steadily.

When it comes to trading, platforms matter a lot, but they also don't. There are various things to consider when choosing the right trading platform for you. Your assets and risk management are key to this, but overall, you should be vigilant regardless of where you end up trading. Here we take a closer look at both these platforms and analyze them across various parameters so that you can decide whether you should trade on Forex, Crypto or even both.
Overall Structure
The crypto trading market and the Forex exchange function quite similarly. Despite many beliefs, the overall working of both these is similar. This is because any trading market is governed by similar laws. All markets are subject to simple economic rules and Forex or crypto is no different. Just like any other market, increased demand will result in a higher asset value and a low interest will impact an asset negatively.
The difference that comes in here is where one looks at the actual value that is being added or subtracted. Forex almost entirely works on foreign exchange. Invariably all of us who have gone abroad and exchanged currencies have taken part in Forex exchange. These exchanges have very real values which accurate forex signals dealers play on, day in and day out.  The only difference is that crypto doesn't seem to have any physical value. In all that it is, crypto is entirely virtual. Crypto works based on mining and based on how the market reacts, its value increases or decreases.
Technically a certain amount of money is created every year via federal banks and this money is introduced into the system so that it can be exchanged. Unlike this, the crypto market isn't entirely similar. Say, for instance, Bitcoin has a total value. It can be mined online but just as a mountain has a certain number of resources, it too has a certain number of Bitcoin available to mine. This is what makes Bitcoin very interesting alongside other cryptocurrencies. Their trading structure is similar but what influences their value is quite different.
What’s Similar?
Other than the fact that both Forex as well as the crypto market are trading structures, there are a handful of things that are common across both these markets. When dealing in Forex, you are bound to come across various currencies and their relative values across the world. These values are affected by many variables daily and they are constantly fluctuating. Therefore, the Forex market can be quite volatile. Technically, a Forex market has a high appetite to absorb economic hits but that doesn't apply when it suffers an overall hit. Thanks to the overall trading value every day, it can shield the traders from losing a lot of money in a short amount of time but when a drastic event occurs, these repercussions are a lot worse. 
Similarly, a crypto market too can be very volatile. On a daily, crypto has a much lower transaction rate which is in Billions compared to the Trillions that Forex plays in daily. This means that a small change in the market can lead to big events thanks to the relatively smaller size. In the decade that Bitcoin has existed, it has undergone many events but it has been steadily growing and more users than ever are now eager to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies. Just as Forex has various currencies in place, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies at play. Most people only know about Bitcoin and some know about Ethereum but there are a lot more cryptocurrencies that once can start trading in and achieve great access.
What’s Exclusive about Both Markets?
A major upside of the crypto market that Forex does not possess is flexibility. For a lot of people, it is important to have a market that you can get onto whenever you want. Unlike Forex, crypto is an ever-existent market that you can log onto whenever you feel like trading.
Traditionally, the Forex market has been known to give payout within a comparatively lesser amount of time. For any crypto traders, the wait to get a real payout is generally higher. This is because of the uncertainty that surrounds the crypto market. While volatile, it is tough to predict when one will truly profit in a crypto market.
Crypto markets tend to be more volatile because of their shorter size and events. Events like Halving almost always have a huge impact on the crypto market and this can be very well predicted. On the contrary, no one could have predicted how Bitcoin value would go up so much in the pandemic. Recently, the Bitcoin value overtook the gold value increase which is especially surprising given that gold is a safe asset in time of a crisis.
The Final Word
It is difficult for you to find a website which will flat out tell you where to trade and which market would suit you better. This is a personal choice. You should sit and analyze both these markets so that you can decide which one suits you the best. Overall, many people are considering trading on both platforms these days as well. Diversifying your trading is a good thing and something that any veteran trader would suggest. However, that being said, if you’re a novice, it is good to start small and let time take its toll and teach you how these markets work.