The past few months have been very difficult for every user all around the world. The pandemic has forced whole countries to enter a lockdown, in which people aren’t allowed to go out. This fact has had a huge impact on the feelings of anxiety and loneliness and put a strain on mental health. For this reason, everyone needs to follow some inspirational Instagram accounts that will lift their spirits. 

If, on the other hand, you are an aspiring creator on the platform, you can take this chance to create an account that will make people smile and make them feel motivated. The best thing you can do for your new account is either to buy 1000 Instagram followers or to buy Instagram live views from, which will both boost your efforts. 

In this article, you are going to discover the best inspiration accounts on the social media platform that make people happy. 

#1 The Good Quote

The most popular inspirational account on Instagram is The Good Quote, which shares positive and motivational quotes. At the moment, it has gathered a community of more than 22.1 million followers that give thousands of likes to the account’s posts. All the quotes that the creator is posting come from books, and interesting Twitter accounts. Their main purpose is to help you understand yourself bet-ter and love your life and the ones around you. If you are interested in created content like this, re-member to buy 1000 Instagram followers to give you a push in the beginning. 

#2 Humans of New York

If you are looking for heart-warming stories that will inspire you and restore your faith in humanity, then Humans of New York is the best account to follow. This popular account has gained more than 11 million followers and all of its posts are extremely motivational. Every post is a portrait of the person that tells his or her story, which is written in the caption. All of the portraits are accompanied by a sec-ond photo, which is older and shows a snapshot of the past.

#3 Millionaire Mentor

If you dream of becoming a successful millionaire, then you need to cultivate the right mindset. Mil-lionaire Mentor is an Instagram account that can help you feel motivated to reach your goal. This popular account has more than 7.4 million followers that love its posts that get thousands of likes. Most of these posts are quotes, while others are in a meme format. Occasionally, you will also find video content and plenty of infographics. If you plan on creating content like this, remember to buy Insta-gram live views to boost it.  

#4 The Female Hustlers

As you can understand from the account’s name, here you will find motivational quotes for inde-pendent women. As most entrepreneurs are male, women need all the encouragement they can get. For this reason, this account has more than 4 million followers. All of the quotes that you will find here are in black and white, with bold fonts that compel you to read them. The Female Hustlers is an account that many women find relatable, and so, it is easy to understand its success. 

#5 Entrepreneur

One more Instagram account that will inspire you to achieve all of your dreams is none other than Entrepreneur. This account is so popular that it has gathered over 3.6 million followers. Its posts offer inspiration quotes, infographics, and lifestyle advice for any aspiring entrepreneur. Moreover, this ac-count frequently posts IGTV videos that are of very high quality. Remember that you will need to buy Instagram live views to promote your live streams and the rest of the videos in your account. This way, you can follow in Entrepreneur’s footsteps.

#6 The Secret

The Secret is an extremely popular self-help book that was first published in 2006. Rhonda Byrne, the book’s author, has written multiple sequels that are just as successful. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that its Instagram account has more than 3.3 million followers. The book is based on the be-lief that if you want to achieve something, you have to truly feel and want it, as explained by the law of attraction. This philosophy is present on all the posts you will find on this account. To reach this success, you have to buy 1000 Instagram followers to boost your beginning.  

#7 Mindset Therapy

The next Instagram account in the list of the most inspirational account is Mindset Therapy. This ac-count’s mission is to offer you the motivation you need to become a better person and achieve your personal goals, no matter what they are. Most of the content is created in the format of quotes, but you will also find some memes, infographics, and occasional videos. The account’s creator has re-cently launched an academy to teach its followers the secrets to success. At the moment, Mindset Therapy has 3.3 million followers. 

#8 Mindset of Greatness

Another great account that will inspire you to achieve all of your dreams is Mindset of Greatness. This account offers you daily wisdom that will lead you to a better and more fulfilling life. All of its posts begin with the date and use a bold font that is easy to read on a mobile device. Moreover, the post grid of the account is very eye-catching, since every post is either black or white. In addition to this, the account’s creator has launched a branded hashtag, which is one of the best strategies that you can follow. When you have created your account, buy 1000 Instagram followers to get the much-needed push in your beginning.

#9 Refinery29

The last Instagram account on our list is Refinery29, which is another account targeted at women. This is an important account that fights for women’s rights, representations, and inequalities. There-fore, if you support these social causes, it is an account that you should follow.

All of these accounts are what users need to feel motivated every day. If you want to create a similar account, study their content, create your own, buy 1000 Instagram followers, and buy Instagram live views to have maximum visibility.